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    Re: The rest of whose story, ff?

    Posted by johncodie on 2/18/04

    > Well! I AM flattered! But… Mary, as you know, my posts here
    > are my personal opinion (did I neglect to mention
    > that?) And I have not in the past, do not presently, and
    > probably shall not in the future drag my employer into this
    > chat board. But thanks for asking. Am I the topic of
    > discussion AGAIN? How delightfully capital!(More money for
    CC) By the way… why am I the only poster to whom this question
    is so frequently put? (We don't change employers as much as you
    do CC)
    > By the way… since everyone seems so interested in my
    > financial well-being, I landed another expert witness case

    We knew you were trolling how big of a siging on fee did you

    providing toxicological testimony…

    Pretty conning of you since you don't appear anywhere as a
    toxicolgist, Did you tell the client you were first on the
    scene of the Okahoma bombings?

    wouldn’t be of any interest to this board though

    Plenty of interest to the board since you just trashed the
    remediation guy, in Florida. Did you set him up or were you an

    , since it is a toxic tort > case… not something that the
    denizens of this board ever get around to discussing much…

    Mary claims she does not know where you are, and she is not the
    Mary in the firm you use to work at, but you respond faily
    quickly to her call. What was the problems CC ethical
    differences as who was the boss, or who was smarter.

    You know the therapist may be fooling you into this multiple
    personality thing,,,,,,,you may have been given the persona by
    them that you are the greatest forensic expert of them all,,,

    Truth be known, you are just as normal joe. To bad you have to
    work for a living, and keep on the move, changing employers.
    Perhaps with some concentrated study time, you can give some
    the correct answers when your being asked. Don't worry about
    cross examination, you won't get that far. The sucker that
    just got born and gave you the fee will find a way to settle
    long before the court date.
    > Cheers, and thanks for the interest!
    > Caoimhín P. Connell
    > (The opinions expressed here are exclusively my
    > personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my
    > professional opinion, opinion of my employer, peers, or
    > professional affiliates. The above post is for information
    > only and does not reflect professional advice and is not
    > intended to supercede the professional advice of others.)
    > AMDG

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