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    Post: Investigative methods

    Posted by ff on 2/16/04

    Possibly the criminal investigative background does not
    lend itself well to mold related investigations?

    Prosecutors, when a crime is committed, have to reach a
    conclusion, put someone in jail based on what they have at
    hand. Quite often, they are wrong. DNA for eample, has
    served to upset the success record considerably. Even the
    FBI has problems with credibility, sample integrity, etc.

    Whereas I respect those professions, maybe it's a little
    too much like taking your car to the shop: it has
    a "miss," 99 per cent of the time it's a such and such, so
    it must be a such and such now.

    This is not to imply to 4XFloor that his idol is subject
    to similar error in environmental investigations.


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