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    Post: I Have Not Left, I Don't Play Into The BS- Doug Haney

    Posted by Doug Haney on 2/17/04

    ALL: Anyone who thinks I have left this site needs to
    think again. In completing my degree from the university
    it is taking my time, and I really don't give a rats about
    the "sticks and stones" crap that is flung anymore. I am
    writing a major thesis that is gaining wide interest and
    after several years out of school have an outstanding GPA-
    soon to graduate.

    In the capacity of my two appointments by the former
    governor, I am making considerable strides in helping mold
    exposure victims and am not worried about any of the crap
    passed by a few idiots who continue to dispel mold
    exposures as "hype." I promised a year or so ago to do
    something- watch, listen, and learn. It is finally going
    to happen, and soon! Hang in there victims, we are making

    I am very irrate re: the smear campaign taking place on
    this Board against Mr. Greg Weatherman! There is no finer
    gentleman on the entire Board that I respect more, and for
    anyone to chastize him after all he has contributed is
    absolutely "trash!" Is opinion I have found over the last
    4 years has always been "very" sound!

    Those of us who have monitored and contributed to this
    Board for any length of time are completely aware of the
    politics being played out here to distance the connection
    between indoor mold exposures and human health, but
    advanced science is providing us with current data daily
    now, and our strength is growing rapidly. Two years ago I
    might have bought into the utter mud some tended to sling
    at me and a few others personally- that is, if I were
    absolutely stupid, but the proof is in what is being
    produced. This has taken time, but we definately will
    bring things to a "boil" very soon- remember, I said this
    on February 17, 2004, and look for my answers starting in
    June 2004. I cannot make it any clearer can I?

    Today I am working with several medical doctors,
    attorneys, environmental experts and professionals from
    many other disciplines whereas there was little response
    nearly three years ago- and I guarantee all of you that
    those complete idiots who were challenging it all will be

    I stated this before, and I will say it again with
    complete confidence. Any medical doctor who wishes to
    challenge me on this subject before a live, national,
    televised audience- with the idea of making me out to be
    a "total fool"- I will gladly accept the challenge. I have
    not heard anyone else say that. "Let's Rock!" I have
    withstood such challenges on a lessor scale in the past
    and beat my opponents with a thrashing- try me!

    Now, let's see those who choose to criticize make the same
    statement and stand by it!

    One final statement to the LA County Code Enforcement
    official that told a mold exposure victim that I would
    have to call him and tell him to do his job of property
    investigation and perhaps citation based on the conditions
    of the property re: mold infestation- I'm not calling- I'm
    doing something about it, and you had best start reading
    up on the regulations in California re: Prop-65 (straight
    out of the State Attorney General's office!) This is also
    a notice to any other state code enforcement official who
    believes that they do not have to do their job!

    Good Day- Good Health In 2004

    Doug Haney

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