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    Post: Toxic Mold

    Posted by Keisha Rogers on 2/18/04

    My kids and I were exposed to toxic mold in an apartment we
    were living in, in Houston. The apartment landlord was
    going to transfer us to another unit, however, the managing
    co. stated I had to pay a $300 transfer fee to move. Short
    version samples of the sheet rock removed was tested by a
    lab and the mold found was stachybotris and ?. Medical
    records state short term memory loss, headaches and
    children illnesses were do to exposure of toxic mold. It
    took a month after moving out for my kids to rid themselves
    of diherria, vomitting, and nausea and headaches, for
    myself it was three months after moving out and treatment
    as well as disposal of clothes, furniture, etc. For two
    and half months the apartments held false claims against me
    and therefore, prevented me from finding some where to
    live, until I continued notating activities within and at
    the unit did they decide to waive all claims and refund my
    deposit in return for my promise to not hold them liable
    for further damages. I turned the offer down, I don't feel
    they should get off that easy after what we went through.
    I posted this here as well as other places because the
    attorneys I've spoken to are not concerned about righting
    the wrong but rather lining their pockets. I've put
    together a demand letter and plan to file a lawsuit in 45
    days I need a voice that will be heard (an attorney) rather
    than my own in court. Sorry for the long message.

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