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    Re: Toxic Mold

    Posted by johncodie on 2/18/04

    On 2/18/04, Keisha Rogers wrote:
    > My kids and I were exposed to toxic mold in an apartment
    we were living in.

    When you use the term "righting a wrong" you either mean
    putting yourself back into the same apartment, in the same
    condition without any lost time, or sickness. Or you are
    meaning some form of punsishment or apology.

    Having moved several time, and sort of dis-shuffeled you
    probably don't have all the facts in order. The attorney or
    youself will have to be prepared as the defense will look to
    you for proof of some tort. Not having the necessary
    information can bring on litigation upon yourself that the
    landlord won't have to include any of your circumstances. A
    defense firm will go to great lenghts to wear you down.
    They get paid will you wait, and continue to file more and
    more papers.

    Find the best attorney that will listen to your case, and be
    as prepared as if you were presenting it to the court
    youself. Try two or three attorneys to get a feel for your
    case. I have found most of all of them well paid and
    overworked. They would love to help, but you may find
    youself doing most of the leg work. I have dealt with a
    firm in Houston and found that there are so many cases in
    Texas, you have to push yours in front of the rest.

    Don't fault the attorney for lining his pocket, as if you go
    on a contingency fee basis, your pocket will probably get
    filled more than his will.

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