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    Post: Past Comments Made By Dr. Lipsey

    Posted by Greg Weatherman on 2/20/04

    For those who want accuracy,

    On previous occasions, Caoimhin Connell has made statement
    about Dr. Richard Lipsey that are misrepresentations of
    quotes or circumstances. Why would someone spend so much
    time slurring Dr. Lipsey?

    Dr. Lipsey stated, "It is impossible to remediate

    The unspoken but understood rationale was the mycotoxins in
    the spores had to be physically removed. This is not
    possible in soft porous items like upholstered furniture.
    He stated this many times before. If you look at his
    background, you will see he has been conducting research
    for more than 30 years. Some people just cite literature
    and others experiment to verify.

    He was quoted as saying, "Insurance companies are engaged
    in a conspiracy to ruin him with the help of Caoimhin
    Connell" (says Caoimhin).

    TRUTH: Caoimhin started posting Dr. Lipsey is fraudulently
    claiming to be a toxicologist in court. Caoimhin said he
    had recently helped an attorney pursue this in acourt case
    where Dr. Lipsey was an expert witness. Dr. Lipsey was
    under a "nondiscolosure" about the case (so was the other
    side). Dr. Lipsey them made the satement about one
    particualr insurance company and Dennis Nino only.
    Caoimhin has taken advantage of a "nondiscolosure" to give
    half the story. It is hard to verify if cases are not
    given for verification.

    Phares Heindl has repeated stated Dr. Lipsey is certified
    for expert witness work as a toxicologist. He has also
    stated Caoimhin Connell is not certified to his knowledge
    and requested Caoimhin give him any case number to prove
    him wrong.

    Dr. Lipsey also does work for insurance companies. I'm
    sure they call him if there is a frivolous case being
    aggressively advanced by an overzealous lawyer. The
    lawyers I have met want an expert witness who is not seen
    as representing only one side. In fact, a well known West
    Coast attorney stated there are law firms in California
    that they pay more attention since they get nothing but the
    good cases.

    I guess there are "ambulance chasers" and there are lawyers
    who don't need to engage in "artistic license". Why do
    these lawyers and defense lawyers use Dr. Lipsey or respect
    Dr. Lipsey? Caoimhin, do you know something the legal
    community doesn't?

    The only reasons Dr. Lipsey has not pursued litigation in
    this matter is for two reasons:

    1) Caoimhin Connell is not worth enough money to justify
    the legal expense. Dr. Lipsey is very lose more money by
    virtue of the time away from business to chase no real
    monetary reward.

    2) Dr. Lipsey has not seen "economic losses" due to the
    ridiculous postings. In fact his business gets better.
    Caoimhin has inadvertently helped Dr. Lipsey (there is
    humorous justice in the universe).

    I hope people will continue to ask him where he is getting
    expert witness work as a toxicologist. Prove me wrong.
    give us any case that can be verified.


    Greg Weatherman
    Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    Arlington VA 22202

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