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    Re: Peer reviewed Proof, Dr. Lipsey, etc.

    Posted by fresh air on 2/25/04

    On 2/24/04, fresh air wrote:
    > Dear Cheri,
    > Thank you for your posts.
    > I would very much appreciate knowing how to obtain a
    > comprehensive list(if one exists) of medical studies that
    > have been used in proving causation.Studies that support what
    > we too well know as victims.A list that would aid those of us
    > still in legal battle for our recovery in battling the
    > corporate special interests after we have already been at war
    > within the mold hell.Almost a year ago we fled our
    > rental...long term water intrusion and my family perishing
    > from the myriad symptoms.When we found out it was too late.We
    > were nearly poisoined to death.I would love to see a medical
    > study of victims with proven record of exposure to mycotoxin
    > creating molds.(we would volunteer as guinie pigs) The
    > insurance companies downplay and outright deny "toxic mold"
    > and its devastating effects. If you research stachybotrys as
    > a biotoxin in bioterorism it is very easy to find the
    > symptoms researched and data collected on the symptoms too
    > many of us have so frighteningly endured.
    > I feel it is criminal for the insurance companies to be
    > blocking the truth here. Can we take action on that front?
    > alot to address. I hope for some dialogue here.
    > Thank You
    > On 2/21/04, Cheri wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone:
    >> So, there are a few "smart" people out there that like to
    >> jeer or want to join the knowledge pool. Maybe it is just
    >> because the medical proof is truly there and it is going to
    >> be used by victims of insurance companies, etc., that have
    >> ignored the danger to the people that are in mold
    >> environments.
    >> I hope that anyone exposed to fungi and mycotoxins will
    >> take the time to learn for themselves. Ignorance is bliss
    >> as far as the attorneys go that are defending high-powered
    >> companies and the insurance industry.
    >> Dr. Lipsey has peer-reviewed papers that are published by
    >> the U.S. Government so all the nonsense about him is
    >> bogus. Even Melinda Ballard's case passed Daubert-Frye.
    >> Check it out for yourself.
    >> Note to all the attorneys that have been beating up the
    >> victims: "If you can dish it you can take it."
    >> On the matter of the Stachybotryus and CDC. The CDC never
    >> said Stachybotryus did not cause the infant deaths. Their
    >> reports have been largely misquoted by attorneys and the
    >> media. Check it out for yourself.
    >> Also, you might want to check out "empirical evidence" (an
    >> accepted standard in the scientific field) IE "if it looks
    >> like a rose, smells like a rose, then it must be a rose."
    >> Try applying that to human damage from mycotoxins.
    >> I don't know how many of you are aware of immune
    >> suppression but virtually all medications made to suppress
    >> the immune system after organ transplant are made from
    >> fungi and there are a lot of studies on people developing
    >> cancer afterward. If you are having immune suppression
    >> trouble go Toxnet and look up IGA, Fungi for yourself.
    >> You might want to check out the FDA as well. In one study
    >> FDS states that after (fungal) exposure and a ten-year
    >> latency period you (meaning people) have a two-fold to
    >> three-fold chance of developing cancer (including several
    >> types that are listed). 10yr = 2x or 3x times rate of
    >> cancer.
    >> Another thing I would like to point out is that the FDA
    >> states that Rat Studies are the "Golden Rule." There are
    >> other studies that say if something effects one species
    >> then maybe, if it effects two species, Hmn. If it effects
    >> several species then it definitely effects humans.
    >> I, for one, am sick of the arrogance of attorneys and big
    >> industry interests only caring about their bottom line "THE
    >> DOLLAR" and not caring about the people supplying their
    >> money. If my message saves one child from mold or one
    >> person gets some desperately needed confirmation it is
    >> worth it.
    >> C
    Dear Cheri , I am a toxic mold victim. I have "found out" for
    myself in the last year the implications of the exposure and
    have read and researched widely as well as being a patient of
    Dr. Marinkovich as well as others,and am asking for help here.I
    have "found out for myself" in order to save my life and my
    families lives because it is so challenging to find help that
    addresses the total complex of illness. I am asking for those
    who have come before or have more comprehensive information to
    help those like my family along. I have been educating many
    with the knowledge I have and am asking for an alliance of
    support here. I do not understand your comment "smart"jeering
    people. I am new to the post. thank you

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