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    Re: Peer reviewed Proof, Dr. Lipsey, etc.

    Posted by S. Roberts on 2/26/04

    There are literally hundreds of documents pertaining to
    scientific data and fungal exposure. But you won't find it on
    the internet nor much about it in this country. Do some
    independant research and write to physicians, labs and
    universities internationally and I guarantee you will find a
    multiplicity of peer-reviewed documentation. Hard work and
    persistance will pay off, I assure you.

    On 2/23/04, Cheri wrote:
    > On 2/23/04, jeeter wrote:
    >> On 2/21/04, Cheri wrote:
    >>> Hi Everyone:
    >>> Even Melinda Ballard's case passed Daubert-Frye.
    >>> Check it out for yourself.
    >> Um, sorry, but not. "Check it out for youself" - her experts
    >> were not allowed to testify as to mold have any kind of
    >> neurological health effects. What have you been reading?
    >> BTW, the test is Texas is called "Robinson"
    > You go check it out the proof is there. The Judge in
    > case did pass their experts for Daubert-Frye. There was
    > another prior case ruling that was used to usurp Dauber-Frye.

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