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    Re: Peer reviewed Proof, Dr. Lipsey, etc.

    Posted by mary on 8/20/04

    For clarity, that would be

    The 'Critical Review' offered as the 'first case to prove' is a sad
    collection of snips and clips that is apparently offered as proof.
    It is far worse than I would have guessed. Anyone seeking to use
    this as evidence will be crushed and laughed at. Here is a tip: If
    the jury and judge laugh at you, it is a bad sign.

    Best Regards,


    On 8/20/04, Peer-Reviewed Proof wrote:
    > On 8/02/04, Susan wrote:
    >> On 2/25/04, fresh air wrote:
    >>> On 2/24/04, fresh air wrote:
    > Dear Susan Go to Mold Survivor--upper right hand corner is a
    > Section called Critical Review--First Case to Prove --You will
    > find many studies there to start.
    > Cheri

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