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    Post: Fear of Retribution

    Posted by dd on 2/23/04

    I attended a Landlord training seminar about keeping
    illegal activity out of property last week and was the most
    unpopular person in the room. When I pointed out that
    toxic tort, constructive eviction, unauthorized entry,
    failure to maintain, and damage by defect were illegal
    activities, only perpetrated by the landlords and/or their
    agents, a palpable chill fell over the room.

    The last day, the former police chief sat next to me for
    about 30 min., grinned, and left. At the end of the
    seminar, the teacher refused to give me a certificate, but
    issued one for the former police chief who attended the
    three day seminar for a total of 3 hours. When I returned
    to pick of my camper from public campground, it had been
    towed and damaged. Tow truck operator said campground
    people claimed it was for non-payment of rent. The

    The story is more complicated than that as the rules at the
    campground have changed several times since I started
    staying there and my rent was refused and returned 3 days
    before the sheriff's arrival.

    Hmm. Think someone doesn't like me? Maybe I'll get run of
    town on a rail yet.

    The seminar was excellent though, and did cover some of the
    issues of concern to me. I would recommend it to anyone
    who has rental property.

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