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    Re: How Woderful I'm Now Living in CC's turf.

    Posted by Doug Haney on 3/04/04

    On 3/04/04, Joe Riley wrote:
    > I have not veiwed this forum for months. Just saw Chris
    > Haneys post on CC. I just moved from Seattle to Wheat
    > Ridge. I can't wait to run into this bugger and see hwat
    > he's made of. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten
    > joker IH's for lunch. Bottom line is the the Homeowner
    > won't buy his crap and when I'm finised with him neither
    > will the carriers. Funny thing is i know most of the mold
    > action here in town and he hasn't popped up. Must be he
    > spends his time twisting on here. I'll let you know this
    > guys real story!

    JOE: I need to clarify something. Are you speaking of my,
    Doug Haney's article? I don't know of anyone named Chris
    Haney, other than my sister in the midwest, but I assure you
    she does not post on this site. I have made many statements
    that I am finally starting to move on in regard to this site.

    Today I spoke with folks in the California Prop-65 office
    and now I think I know where the real problem lies in regard
    to indoor-microfungi and human exposures.

    The problem is that when I spoke with the gentleman in the
    Prop-65 office (after one of their employees stated to a
    mold victim whose case I am currently working with stated to
    her that Prop-65 did not have anything to do with indoor
    molds) as I did nearly three weeks ago with a Deputy
    Attorney General at the California Attorney General's office
    about the fact that Fumonisin B1, Aflatoxin B1, Ochratoxin
    A, Grisofluvin, Sterigmatocystin and other subchemicals
    produced by mycotoxins are listed on the Prop-65 dangerous
    chemicals listing of known carcinogens (cancer) and
    teratogens (birth defects and spontaneous abortions), and
    both stated that they did not know much about "toxic molds!"
    I figure that if people are going to be paid good taxpayer
    funding for monitoring and dispensing information relating
    to Prop-65 and defend the laws that the legislature has
    brought forth through the demands of California voters, they
    ought to at least know what in the hell they are working
    with! Anyway these folks didn't, and I am sick and tired of
    California laws being on the books (SB 732 and AB 284) for
    over two years without much being done to follow the law
    while people are being thrown out of their homes and
    apartments along with their infested furniture, or burning
    down their houses because insurance hassles are too
    intimidating and time consuming to deal with- not to mention
    the frustration involved in dealing with the justice

    When I stated that things will happen starting in June of
    this year, I may have been mistaken... they are starting
    now! All of the B.S. about "hype" is over, we are moving
    ahead. Regardless of the naysayers on this Board and

    God Bless you and your continuing good health.

    Douglas R. Haney
    Environmental Health Research

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