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    Re: Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome

    Posted by Bazooka on 7/14/04

    On 7/13/04, mary wrote:
    > Wow... I'm completely freaked out. What, they give crack heads in
    > germany computers for something to do?
    > Mary

    I might STRONGLY DISAGREE with you. It is a meyor scientific
    brak through showing fundamental flows in medical theories and
    speculation. He is a GENIUS who didn't ho with the flaw od $hit!

    It DEMONSTRATES that CRACK HEADS are practicing medicine and are
    UNABLE to think at all. Doctors are tought in medical schools
    WHAT to think and not HOW to think,what interfere with any logical

    get="_blank">Legal precedence and confirmation of scientific proof of
    intentional non scientific fraud in medicine


    rget="_blank">Virus Myth

    p"target="_blank">Discussion of most important scientific break

    A tragical chain of complete lack of intelligence based on
    following of unproven and outdated theories, which demonstrate
    how one error leads to chain of events establishing FALSE legacy.

    Consequently based on this article you can understand that for
    example Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is OXYGEN defficiency on
    cellular level as OXYGEN is being spent to detoxify toxic agents
    in your body.

    Yo migh also conclude that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an
    injury where in reality consistant with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
    where you develop also adverse reactions as result of brain
    injury since OXYGEN can not reach brain in sufficient quantities
    causing brain dammage known as toxic encephalopathy.

    One can conclude that those are progressive stages of the injury
    by toxic agents diagnosed at different stages and migh lead
    to chronic inflammation and development of CANCER as result of
    growth of fungi withine the system which converts cells in to
    embrionic state.

    We have a lot of embryonic cells in our body all over. Those are the
    stem cells. When the nerve cells have got broken, new nerve cells may
    regenerate out of the embryonic cells, because those cells cannot be
    regenerated. So we have embryonic tissues everywhere, and here comes
    evolutionary biology.

    Now I have to tell you the basis of our lives. The fermentation process
    was not producing enough energy to form multicellular organisms or to
    enable the cell to differentiate. Bacterial cells are not
    differentiated, not able to build multicellular organisms because they
    don't have enough energy. Only the invention of photosynthesis -- using
    the energy of the sun to split down matter in order to get electrons --
    allowed life to go on. Life is driven by the force of electrons, and
    with photosynthesis the electrons came out of the splitting of the
    water, and the base product was oxygen.

    This photosynthesis was so successful that it polluted the whole
    planet. The water, and eventually the atmosphere, became saturated with
    oxygen. Only when bacteria began to learn to use oxygen to produce much
    more energy out of organic material, out of a sugar molecule, did we
    have the next step in evolution. Life dealt with the oxygen
    catastrophe, and since then we have had a perfect equilibrium of oxygen-
    producing bacteria and oxygen-using bacteria, so that they keep the
    atmosphere at a constant level of 20 percent oxygen. This is exactly
    the level at which life is able to persist. At a lower level, or a
    higher level, it is impossible. We are living in the equilibrium.
    That's the principle of Gaia, by the way.

    Those bacteria which learned to use oxygen were able to produce 20 to
    30 times more energy per sugar molecule, because the oxygen at the end
    was sucking so many electrons that many more electrons could be taken
    out of the sugar, to produce much more energy than was possible without
    the potent oxidative substance at the end of the energy-producing
    chain. This revolution in energy formation was the basis for all higher
    cells and all higher organisms. Of course, with this excess of energy,
    cells could eventually differentiate and form multicellular organisms.
    And these bacteria, which sere using the oxygen, are part of every one
    of our cells, called mitochondria. So very higher cell is a product of
    the fusion of several different kinds of bacteria: the spirochetes,
    which brought mobility into life; and the mitochondria, which produced
    much more energy than before.

    This excess energy is the basis of all higher life, and if you violate
    it -- if you don't let the oxygen come into the organism; if the blood
    is oxidized by poppers [nitrites] or sulfinamides [including sulfa
    drugs like Bactrim and Septra]; or if the transit way between the blood
    and the cells is poisoned by heavy metals, or the lack of essential
    fatty acids; or when the mitochondria are destroyed in the cells, due
    to the lack of nutrition, or antibiotics -- the oxygen cannot be
    transported from the blood to the cells. Then the cell is not able to
    produce enough energy. It either may die, resulting in inflammation; or
    when it's possible for a cell to survive, it will become cancerous.
    When the cell is producing only fermentation, then that's cancer, as
    Otto Warburg already detected in the 1940's.

    They knew from the very beginning that cancer cells have only embryonic
    markers on their surface. From a biological, evolutionary point of view
    it makes sense that a cancer cell is a reduction to an embryonic stage.
    It de-differentiates due to the lack of energy, and it waits until the
    lack of energy is over in order to differentiate again. Of course, if
    the lack of energy persists, it loses genetic material; and these were
    the old criteria to define cancer, when cells lost a lot of genetic
    material, because then they lost the ability to differentiate again.

    An embryonic cell goes into a unicellular state. It behaves like a
    unicellular organism, like a bacterium. It loses the ability to stop
    replication when coming into contact with other cells. So knowing about
    evolutionary biology, you are able to explain everything.

    In order to explain failure to find a retrovirus that directly caused
    cancer, they claimed to be able to measure the immune system. But this
    is ridiculous. In the Journal of the American Medical Association,
    August 28, 1981, it was published that it makes no sense to measure
    lymphocytes in the blood because only a few of them are in the blood.
    The immune system is carried out, not in the blood, but in the tissues.
    Only rarely and accidentally do we see some of them in the blood. We've
    already carried out thousands of studies which have proven no
    correlation between disease or health, in old or young, in T-cells; and
    even less, of course, in T-cell subsets.

    But, even though they knew that these T-cell tests had not meaning,
    they were selling them to the market. Beginning in 1977, starting in
    the United States, it was possible to patent biological entities or
    biological techniques, so people started to make money out of
    biological ideas.

    This is the definite turning point when modern medicine and modern
    biology lost their 'Unschuld', their innocence. That's it. The immune
    surveillance theory of cancer -- the belief that if you measure the
    strength of the immune system, then you could see when you are going to
    develop cancer -- was the basis of AIDS, the thinking about AIDS. They
    said if your immune functions are weak, you are going to develop all
    viral forms of opportunistic infections and all forms of cancer. And
    this never happened, as a matter of fact. In AIDS we never have seen
    opportunistic infections. We have never seen all viral forms of cancer;
    only one form of cancer, KS [Kaposi's sarcoma].

    It clearly demonstrates that AIDS is not caused by HIV virus
    as such does not exists, but by a FUNGI which feeds on OXYGEN.

    The oxygen starvation causes Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome
    leading to full blown cancer known as KS [Kaposi's sarcoma].

    "AIDS" has to be replaced by the term "AEDS," "Acquired Energy
    Deficiency Syndrome," and we would keep up the term "AIDS" only in the
    form of Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.

    It demonstrates fraud committed by the researchers and medical
    scientists who know that they never isolated viruses despite they
    suggest that you can treat what does not exists, instead treating
    the mechanism of real cause - an opportunistic fungal growth instead
    of alleged non existing virus HIV.

    New Medicine

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