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    Re: Suddenly Acquired AADD,to DD

    Posted by v on 7/15/04

    On 7/15/04, dd wrote:
    > V,Still no success on url. Did get hits on search at cornell site. Will check out.Thank you,DDOn 7/14/04, v wrote: > On 7/14/04, v wrote: >> On 7/14/04, v wrote: > On 7/14/04, DD wrote: > On 7/14/04, v wrote: >>> Hard to find good answers these days any more! try here, then continue. go to USC title VIII.general provisions > rule 35. I believe these are some case laws. good luck!>>> v, Title 8 has no rule 35; it deals exclusively with aliens.The address that you posted does not open, nor could I find any case regarding stemmer except one dealing with agricultural genetics. Care to elaborate.DD Hey! i'll be back.OK! once you are in. go to the right hand side of the page. scroll down to search engine. punch in en banc. tell me what happens. i'll wait for you.>> > DD dont forget the // after http, like i did. no . after www after the 4. let me know what happens. that is the url i have for that page. it should get you in.

    DD: i got it on the first hit. somwhere in the middle. cause i could go previous, or next page. it referd to what you were talking about. reopening a case/cases. & under what circumstances. i hope you find it. i'm usualy the one who cant find things. lol & no problem! your welcome.

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