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    Re: Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome - oh yeah?

    Posted by Mary on 7/16/04

    Right... So, how is this little effort for truth, justice and the american
    way going? Remember, swallow the meds, don't fake it.


    On 7/15/04, To Mary wrote:
    > On 7/14/04, Mary wrote:
    >> Hey Brain Boy:
    >> Time to ask the nice man to take you back to your room. Too much
    >> computer time is bad for your oxygen saturation. Remember to actually
    >> SWALLOW your medication, don't just fake it. Really enjoyed your post.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary
    >> PS: I can see you through your monitor when you type.
    > Don't judge others by same standard you are beeing judged,
    > it is only your personal problem and not the problem of others.
    > Virus Fraud

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