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    Re: Suddenly Acquired AADD,to DD

    Posted by v on 7/17/04

    On 7/16/04, DD wrote:
    > v,perhaps you misunderstood. I'm stirring up a hornets' nest.DDOn 7/16/04, v wrote: > If one of the four shoulders are in your way, you probably need to adjust your monitor. lol & we can nervously laugh at that ... & i'll just fade away!>> > On 7/16/04, DD wrote: >> I am already looking over my shoulder, or, I should say, my other shoulder.On 7/16/04, Mikey wrote: > On 7/16/04, DD wrote: >> v,>> The titles are further designated by chapters, then sections. >> Thank you for your help.>>>> DD>>>> Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

    Well ... your doing a good job. Carry on. Excuse me while i take my big foot, out of my big mouth! hope theres no mold on my shoe.

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