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    Re: How Woderful I'm Now Living in CC's turf.

    Posted by Joe Riley on 8/05/04

    The poster of this negative information is Doug Anderson of Paul
    Davis Restoration of Seattle. Unfortunately he has had some
    serious drug issues. While myself and my partner helped bring
    him out of fledgling business we needed to involve the Seattle
    police because of Methamphetamine use by workers. Mr. Anderson
    was aware of this problem and allowed these employees to enter
    customers homes. His lead employee was an ex-felon and a current
    Methamphetamine user. The grand finale was a lock down of the
    building because our building was under seige by memebers of a
    meth ring associated with employees I had to fire personally
    since Anderson did not have a back bone to address. Insurance
    carriers became aware of these Methamphetamine problems and were
    reluctant to to do any work with such a risky company. This guy
    has some very significant emotional/mental issues and is not
    stable.It's tough to help a loser!
    I hope this sets the record straight.
    On 6/11/04, DA wrote:
    > On 3/04/04, jeeter wrote:
    >> On 3/04/04, Joe Riley wrote:
    >>> I have not veiwed this forum for months. Just saw Chris
    >>> Haneys post on CC. I just moved from Seattle to Wheat
    >>> Ridge. I can't wait to run into this bugger and see hwat
    >>> he's made of. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten
    >>> joker IH's for lunch. Bottom line is the the Homeowner
    >>> won't buy his crap and when I'm finised with him neither
    >>> will the carriers. Funny thing is i know most of the mold
    >>> action here in town and he hasn't popped up. Must be he
    >>> spends his time twisting on here. I'll let you know this
    >>> guys real story!
    >> I, for one, would not be too sure who's eating whom for
    >> lunch. Please, do let us know when the battle is engaged.
    > Joe Riley is bad news and was run out of Seattle. His ethics
    > are in the gutter, but his line of BS is refined. He has left
    > a trail of worms where ever he has been. He is a creep
    > without a country or city. I for one of many look forward to
    > him meeting his karma.

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