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    Re: How Woderful I'm Now Living in CC's turf.

    Posted by Greg on 8/11/04

    Mr. Anderson this chat board is not for personal attacks on members.
    I have had the opportunity to investigate some of your silliness and
    have discovered you Mr. Anderson are the one with the problems, some
    pretty outrageous ones I might add. We don't appreciate mental
    midgets in places they don't belong. Be gone!
    On 8/10/04, Doug Anderson wrote:
    > On 8/05/04, Joe Riley wrote:
    >> The poster of this negative information is Doug Anderson of Paul
    >> Davis Restoration of Seattle. Unfortunately he has had some
    >> serious drug issues. While myself and my partner helped bring
    >> him out of fledgling business we needed to involve the Seattle
    >> police because of Methamphetamine use by workers. Mr. Anderson
    >> was aware of this problem and allowed these employees to enter
    >> customers homes. His lead employee was an ex-felon and a current
    >> Methamphetamine user. The grand finale was a lock down of the
    >> building because our building was under seige by memebers of a
    >> meth ring associated with employees I had to fire personally
    >> since Anderson did not have a back bone to address. Insurance
    >> carriers became aware of these Methamphetamine problems and were
    >> reluctant to to do any work with such a risky company. This guy
    >> has some very significant emotional/mental issues and is not
    >> stable.It's tough to help a loser!
    >> I hope this sets the record straight.
    >> On 6/11/04, DA wrote:
    >>> On 3/04/04, jeeter wrote:
    >>>> On 3/04/04, Joe Riley wrote:
    >>>>> I have not veiwed this forum for months. Just saw Chris
    >>>>> Haneys post on CC. I just moved from Seattle to Wheat
    >>>>> Ridge. I can't wait to run into this bugger and see hwat
    >>>>> he's made of. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten
    >>>>> joker IH's for lunch. Bottom line is the the Homeowner
    >>>>> won't buy his crap and when I'm finised with him neither
    >>>>> will the carriers. Funny thing is i know most of the mold
    >>>>> action here in town and he hasn't popped up. Must be he
    >>>>> spends his time twisting on here. I'll let you know this
    >>>>> guys real story!
    >>>> I, for one, would not be too sure who's eating whom for
    >>>> lunch. Please, do let us know when the battle is engaged.
    >>> Joe Riley is bad news and was run out of Seattle. His ethics
    >>> are in the gutter, but his line of BS is refined. He has left
    >>> a trail of worms where ever he has been. He is a creep
    >>> without a country or city. I for one of many look forward to
    >>> him meeting his karma.
    > Joe Riley actually worked in my office for 3 months last
    > winter.Please contact the owners of Superior Cleaning &
    > Restoration, Serpro Seattle, Servicemaster of Seattle, and Howie's
    > Power Vac, to determine the quality of this guy.

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