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    Re: How Woderful I'm Now Living in CC's turf.

    Posted by GD on 9/08/04

    Background checks for domestic violence acts and felons should be
    required of all restoration contractors. DA has employed ex-
    felons and known meth users to do mold abatement and other
    restoration services in homes. DA used a known "lady of the
    evening" to prospect insurance companies to get more work. What
    is happening out there people? Restoration companies try to get
    on programs with various insurance companies. DA owns or rather
    his wife owns a restoration company where he does not have a clue
    about any type of restoration work. I have noticed that the
    moderator has removed Mr. Rileys response to DA. So I will put
    mine here to DA. If the moderator can remove Mr. Rileys comments
    why doesn't he or she remove DA comments. I too was associated
    for DA who is Douglas A. Anderson of Paul Davis Restoration in
    Seattle formerly an multi-drug abuser from Alaska. Mr Douglas
    Anderson is a recovering drug user and prone to domestic violence
    which is why he is no longer living in Alaska. Any homeowners you
    have had problems with this lunatic please email us so we can
    forward your name to a master list. This type of person puts a
    bruise on all of our faces in the restoration business.We could
    devote a whole website just to D Anderson. Any restoration
    contractor in Seattle and the PDR network will agree this guy
    should not be on the street let alone in peoples homes. I hope
    the moderator has the nerve to either let this be made public or
    remove Duh Andersons insane comments.FYI Mr. Anderson is armed
    and has a "thing" for weapons.
    On 6/11/04, DA wrote:
    > On 3/04/04, jeeter wrote:
    >> On 3/04/04, Joe Riley wrote:
    >>> I have not veiwed this forum for months. Just saw Chris
    >>> Haneys post on CC. I just moved from Seattle to Wheat
    >>> Ridge. I can't wait to run into this bugger and see hwat
    >>> he's made of. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten
    >>> joker IH's for lunch. Bottom line is the the Homeowner
    >>> won't buy his crap and when I'm finised with him neither
    >>> will the carriers. Funny thing is i know most of the mold
    >>> action here in town and he hasn't popped up. Must be he
    >>> spends his time twisting on here. I'll let you know this
    >>> guys real story!
    >> I, for one, would not be too sure who's eating whom for
    >> lunch. Please, do let us know when the battle is engaged.
    > Joe Riley is bad news and was run out of Seattle. His ethics
    > are in the gutter, but his line of BS is refined. He has left
    > a trail of worms where ever he has been. He is a creep
    > without a country or city. I for one of many look forward to
    > him meeting his karma.

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