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    Re: King of Torts

    Posted by who cares on 3/13/04

    "Hey" Mary,
    Your lack of sensitivity is palpable, a telling intellectual rank of
    one missing humanity in their veins.Blindness feining sight.Misery in
    its empty heart.

    On 3/13/04, mary wrote:
    > Hey Phares:
    > Okay, but it is still a good 'airport' read. Besides, who picks
    > these things for literary value or social commentary. Isn't that
    > what Hunter Thompson is for?
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 3/13/04, Phares Heindl wrote:
    >> I just finished Grisham's "The Last Juror"
    >> It was another artless "paperback" - fit entertainment for
    >> a "dumb-downed" population.
    >> Mississippi once produced the likes of Faulkner. Now, because
    >> of such an overwhelming demand for cheap entertainment, authors
    >> like Grisham, use name recognition and crank out best sellers
    >> like "King of Torts" and "The Last Juror" that have little
    >> literary value and provide ineffective social commentary.
    >> On 3/12/04, Mary wrote:
    >>> jc:
    >>> You may be the person who suggested the book a while back. I
    >>> enjoyed it. I really liked the part where the mass tort
    >>> attorney went bankrupt and was looking at jail for a while.
    >>> But, that is just me...
    >>> Have a good weekend jc.
    >>> Best regards,
    >>> Mary
    >>> On 3/12/04, johncodie wrote:
    >>>> Well Mary we were wondered where you were spending all of
    >>>> your free time. Yes we know Mr. Grisham, and know alot
    >>> about
    >>>> his writings because we have lived the novels, and some of
    >>> us
    >>>> are characters in his plots. Some like to read about it, as
    >>>> others like to feel the hot sun come up in the morning. You
    >>>> know the judicial system is far from fair, but it does get
    >>> a
    >>>> work out. Judicial reform,,,,,,,yes we are living it now as
    >>>> I type. Come on in Mary the water is fine!
    >>>> On 3/11/04, mary wrote:
    >>>>> Just finished reading The King of Torts by Grisham. Made
    >>>>> me think of this place.
    >>>>> Best Regards,
    >>>>> Mary

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