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    Re: King of Torts

    Posted by johncodie on 3/15/04

    I tend to agree. From all the attornys I have known, the majority
    won't take the time to read a Grisham Novel. Some will read one or
    two, but it tends to not be a passion of theirs. It could be that
    they were listening to the subject (Law) and comprehended the
    subject while classmate was drifting into another fantasy plot.
    The Pulizer Prize Winners have E-Mail progams named after them
    (Eudora), or Homsteads converted into liteary librarys due to the
    love and follwing of those whose lives have been touched. There are
    readings each year, and awards to the best papers written. I guess
    when you live it everyday, it can get quite boring and
    insignificant. Grisham's success could be due to the general
    publics ingnorance of the law, and what standard of care the
    attorny's should provide. We do see and hear alot of lip service,
    going through the motions of everyday trials. We can see it on CNN
    every morning what terrible shape we can get ourselves in by trying
    to cover-up, or representing ouselves. We owe a debt of gratitude
    to those rational, clear thinking attorny's that won't take us to
    the cleaners. We can see from the breast, nipple, exploits of
    those that seek higher recognition as supper icons what the
    entertainment industry will attempt in boosting the bottom line.
    Should someone have just told Janet that the bottom line is sagging
    no how expensive the adornment, we were just plain grossed out.
    Perhaps she could have hired a better spokes person, in her
    apology, as she was probably beliving those earlier porn
    photographers. The joke this time was on the promoters, who denied
    any prior knowledge. From the rememberance of chilhood smells in
    the kitchen (Eudora) to barn yard behavior at the superbowl in the
    year we wish to forget.

    What magic I love to hear is the irritated, aggitated defense
    attorny telling the plantiff. "Here is your money!" Oh the
    plantiff attorny does get his fair share of the money, but have you
    ever heard of an attorny taking even less than what he is
    contractual entitled to, to make the settlment seem even more
    fair. Such attorny's are God sends, and they do live and practice
    in what has been described as the Hell Holes of Mississippi. The
    pain is suffering is real. Funny Hollwood would take exception to
    the Gibson version of suffering. Must be the envey and greed they
    again misread the general public. That what happens when a company
    stays out of contact with the general public.

    Insurance? To make who again? Another industry that has lost
    contact with their customers? When you see your agent with a brass
    ring and leather strap, it is not for decorations. It is the barn
    yard tactic for keeping the bull contained and passivated while you
    wait for the monies you so desperately need.

    How do we level the playing field. Hold the bastards accountable.
    It is by the way our money they keep coming back for.

    On 3/13/04, Phares Heindl wrote:
    > I just finished Grisham's "The Last Juror"
    > It was another artless "paperback" - fit entertainment for
    > a "dumb-downed" population.
    > Mississippi once produced the likes of Faulkner. Now, because
    > of such an overwhelming demand for cheap entertainment, authors
    > like Grisham, use name recognition and crank out best sellers
    > like "King of Torts" and "The Last Juror" that have little
    > literary value and provide ineffective social commentary.
    > On 3/12/04, Mary wrote:
    >> jc:
    >> You may be the person who suggested the book a while back. I
    >> enjoyed it. I really liked the part where the mass tort
    >> attorney went bankrupt and was looking at jail for a while.
    >> But, that is just me...
    >> Have a good weekend jc.
    >> Best regards,
    >> Mary
    >> On 3/12/04, johncodie wrote:
    >>> Well Mary we were wondered where you were spending all of
    >>> your free time. Yes we know Mr. Grisham, and know alot
    >> about
    >>> his writings because we have lived the novels, and some of
    >> us
    >>> are characters in his plots. Some like to read about it, as
    >>> others like to feel the hot sun come up in the morning. You
    >>> know the judicial system is far from fair, but it does get
    >> a
    >>> work out. Judicial reform,,,,,,,yes we are living it now as
    >>> I type. Come on in Mary the water is fine!
    >>> On 3/11/04, mary wrote:
    >>>> Just finished reading The King of Torts by Grisham. Made
    >>>> me think of this place.
    >>>> Best Regards,
    >>>> Mary

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