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    Re: King of Torts

    Posted by Kevin on 3/16/04

    On 3/15/04, johncodie wrote:
    > What magic I love to hear is the irritated, aggitated defense
    > attorny telling the plantiff. "Here is your money!" Oh the
    > plantiff attorny does get his fair share of the money, but have you
    > ever heard of an attorny taking even less than what he is
    > contractual entitled to, to make the settlment seem even more
    > fair. Such attorny's are God sends, and they do live and practice
    > in what has been described as the Hell Holes of Mississippi.


    I personally know of one such God-send in Louisiana. He has reduced
    his fee on numerous cases in order to put more in the hands of the
    client. He is a very successful attorney without all the trappings.
    I don't want to publish his name because he'll start receiving phone
    calls from individuals who will demand he reduce his fee at the end
    simply because he has done so in the past.

    He represented me in a personal case where the arrogant and pompous
    New Orleans defense counsel said "not one dollar" in response to
    settlement negotiations. Well, he was right -- they didn't pay one
    dollar -- they went to trial, lost, and lost all the appeals and paid
    $1.18 million. My attorney still took a reduced fee.

    He and I work on several environmental cases where a fee is not even
    a possibility. If there is one potential glitch, it's that he has to
    be selective in choosing his cases. He looks for cases where the
    result will be far-reaching and have lasting impact on the state of
    affairs with environmental regulation and enforcement. His name is
    on the most important and cited judicial opinions in this state
    regarding toxic tort and environmental matters.

    They don't write books about such people, but they should.


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