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    Re: Plaintiff's Counsels...Keep Up the Good Work

    Posted by dd on 3/18/04

    Don't understand your statement. I am replying to Dark
    Overlord's post. The reality is that very few plaintiffs' firms
    have deep enough pockets or perfect enough clients to pursue
    these matters. We can't all be Ballard, McMahon, or Jordan, but
    we still have been damaged by the negligence of others.

    I am referring to some of my lingering health concerns as a
    result of my exposure.

    On 3/18/04, ff wrote:
    > Mr. Darkness?
    > Your perspective is certainly the flip side of what I have
    > seen. Get a grip on it. Possibly, you're a victim of your
    > own "team's" paticipation in suppression bias and believe the
    > BS they put out?
    > ff
    > On 3/18/04, dd wrote:
    >> Clever. Too bad archival retrieval on this site isn't
    >> available. I can no longer sit at a campfire, attend live
    >> music performances where smoking is permitted, work or be
    >> around chemical cleansers, be in facilities regularly
    > treated
    >> with commercial pesticides, and much, much more. Course, I
    >> was in the girl scouts and sitting around campfires and
    >> eating marshmellows has been known to cause all sorts of
    >> health problems that might cloud the issue of mold induced
    >> illness. And the fact that I worked at a stables could be
    >> equated to working in a grain silo, corn, specifically.
    >> As for the frivolous lawsuits, no reasonable person would
    >> willingly expose themselves to the rigorous scrutiny of
    >> defense interrogatory and discovery for love or money unless
    >> compelled to do so by grievous harm or wrongdoing, of course
    >> there are exceptions, like the occasional defense counsel
    >> that has morals and ethics. As for whore experts opinions,
    >> defense bar holds the cards for that one, so you should no.
    >> As for trials that go down in flames, we all know that it
    >> takes money at every step to stay in the 'civil' justice
    > game
    >> and defense bar holds the cards the majority of the time in
    >> that game, too. Sounds like you watched the Devil's
    > Advocate
    >> repeatedly.
    >> Archuleta
    >> On 3/16/04, Dark Overlord wrote:
    >>> Every frivolous lawsuit you file, every specious claim you
    >>> make, every discovery response you obfuscate, every whore
    >>> expert who opines, and every trial you go down in
    >>> flames...we in the defense bar thank you.

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