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    Re: Ajit Arora and mold

    Posted by Two "JD" names not good... on 6/27/05

    Dear "JD"--

    I have been posting on this board for several months as "JD"--No offense,
    but I do not want our posts to be confused, particularly being that our
    topics of interest seem quite different. If there is another posting name, or
    initials, that you could use, I would be very much obliged.



    On 6/23/05, JD wrote:
    > Workers Comp: The real QUACKS!
    > Author Subject: Workers Comp: The real QUACKS!
    > Quack Slayer Posted At 17:06:19 12/18/2000
    > ml
    > 1. Ajit Singh Arora who impersonates Associate Professor at
    > UCLA
    > while providing "voluntary: services and unlawfully using
    > title of
    > Associate Professor of UCLA.
    > We've done a lot of research on Dr. Arora up here in Alaska,
    > and on
    > his activities in Hawaii as well.
    > For instance, Dr. Arora claims he's a "Assistant Clinical
    > Professor
    > of Medicine, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine."
    > This is a bogus title. Dr. Arora has never been paid a dime by
    > U.C.L.A., this title is gifted to him for volunteering a total
    > of 24
    > hours a year at a U.C.L.A. affiliated VA hospital.
    > We have much more on Dr. Arora, and are willing to share it
    > with
    > others who have been hurt by his fraudulent "medical" reports."
    > c/o
    > 8660 Woodley Avenue,
    > North Hills,
    > CA 91343
    > On 3/31/04, BML wrote:
    >> On 3/17/04, curious in Alaska wrote:
    >>> Has anyone had to be evaluated by Ajit Arora of Parthenia
    >>> Medical Group for a mold issue? He is making quite a name
    >>> for himself in Hawaii posing as an expert on mold. If you
    >>> have seen him or know of anyone who has, please come
    >>> forward and share the experience.
    >>> Thank you, Curious in Alaska
    >> Me and my two teenagers went to see him and he is the worse.
    >> Knows nothing and if you do a search of his name on the
    >> Internet you'll know. He charged about $5000 each to the
    >> attorney, who will take that out of your pocket at
    >> settlement, the only problem is you want get more than
    >> $10,000 for settlement with him. He is known to testify for
    >> the defense mainly here in the states. Lawyers think that
    >> they can pay him off for testimony, and if they do it is not
    >> respected in court. Go to the best -Dr Marinkovich in San
    >> Francisco, he is best and he knows how to treat you with
    >> anti-fungals. He does blood test accurately at Stanford and
    >> he graduated from Harvard. The insurance business hates him
    >> because they tried to seek Ca. Medical Board on him and the
    >> Board threw it out within a couple of days. So he is proven.
    >> He will charge you $330 for office visit and $500 for blood
    >> test. If you don't spend any other money and you can only
    >> afford one person in the family to go, he is tried and true
    >> and one of the most intelligent people I have ever meet.

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