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    Re: Re:Stanford and mold

    Posted by Erik on 7/08/05

    Go to the best -Dr Marinkovich in San
    >> Francisco, he is best and he knows how to treat you with
    >> anti-fungals. He does blood test accurately at Stanford and
    >> he graduated from Harvard.

    That's interesting!
    in 2002 my cat (The very one that doctors told me to get rid of
    as described in chapt 23 of Dr Shoemakers book Mold Warriors)
    stepped on a cellphone and re-dialed my friends parents - whose
    father is a doctor in Visalia CA.
    They listened in as I was on another phone talking at length to
    someone about "The Mycotoxin Connection" and were furious.
    They called my friend back and said "Who does he think he is?
    Erik was 'lecturing' on mold just as if he thinks he is a doctor
    and knew what he was talking about. We called up our friends at
    Stanford and they told us that this type or reactivity to mold
    as he described is completely impossible and Erik has just
    brainwashed you with this hysterical obsession concerning mold".
    My friend has since had the pleasure of presenting them with a
    copy of Mold Warriors to demonstrate that I was only half as
    crazy as I sounded, but I wasn't aware that Stanford was doing
    testing that was relevant to supporting the "crazy" claims of
    mold victims.

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