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    Re: Please use Cautions when dealing with Dr. Ajit S Arora

    Posted by Dan Sparks on 8/09/11

    Please use caution when dealing with Doctor Ajit S Arora. Prior to
    attending my I.M.E. with Doctor Ajit S Arora I researched as much
    information as possible. I found out that Doctor Arora’s license
    is on probation for 35 months. I also researched his previous
    convictions, suspensions, and sanctions and found out that he has
    a very long history of unethical and criminal activities. I am
    currently working with the state and federal agencies in
    California and Hawaii to hopefully end this criminal behavior. I
    used a tape recording in which I was able to get Doctor Ajit S
    Arora to openly admit that he participates in a very dirty
    business. He has also admitted the system is about money not about
    getting the injured worker the necessary medical treatment. I will
    keep you posted. One last note: During my investigation I
    uncovered that Doctor Ajit S Arora borrowed 2.4 million dollars on
    his home in Aqua Dulce California and has lived there for
    approximately two years without making any payments or paying
    taxes. His house was being sold as a short and is now in

    On 6/27/05, Two "JD" names not good... wrote:
    > Dear "JD"--
    > I have been posting on this board for several months as "JD"--No
    > but I do not want our posts to be confused, particularly being
    that our
    > topics of interest seem quite different. If there is another
    posting name, or
    > initials, that you could use, I would be very much obliged.
    > Thanks,
    > JD
    > On 6/23/05, JD wrote:
    >> Workers Comp: The real QUACKS!
    >> Author Subject: Workers Comp: The real QUACKS!
    >> Quack Slayer Posted At 17:06:19 12/18/2000
    >> ml
    >> 1. Ajit Singh Arora who impersonates Associate Professor at
    >> UCLA
    >> while providing "voluntary: services and unlawfully using
    >> title of
    >> Associate Professor of UCLA.
    >> We've done a lot of research on Dr. Arora up here in Alaska,
    >> and on
    >> his activities in Hawaii as well.
    >> For instance, Dr. Arora claims he's a "Assistant Clinical
    >> Professor
    >> of Medicine, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine."
    >> This is a bogus title. Dr. Arora has never been paid a dime by
    >> U.C.L.A., this title is gifted to him for volunteering a total
    >> of 24
    >> hours a year at a U.C.L.A. affiliated VA hospital.
    >> We have much more on Dr. Arora, and are willing to share it
    >> with
    >> others who have been hurt by his fraudulent "medical" reports."
    >> c/o
    >> 8660 Woodley Avenue,
    >> North Hills,
    >> CA 91343
    >> On 3/31/04, BML wrote:
    >>> On 3/17/04, curious in Alaska wrote:
    >>>> Has anyone had to be evaluated by Ajit Arora of Parthenia
    >>>> Medical Group for a mold issue? He is making quite a name
    >>>> for himself in Hawaii posing as an expert on mold. If you
    >>>> have seen him or know of anyone who has, please come
    >>>> forward and share the experience.
    >>>> Thank you, Curious in Alaska
    >>> Me and my two teenagers went to see him and he is the worse.
    >>> Knows nothing and if you do a search of his name on the
    >>> Internet you'll know. He charged about $5000 each to the
    >>> attorney, who will take that out of your pocket at
    >>> settlement, the only problem is you want get more than
    >>> $10,000 for settlement with him. He is known to testify for
    >>> the defense mainly here in the states. Lawyers think that
    >>> they can pay him off for testimony, and if they do it is not
    >>> respected in court. Go to the best -Dr Marinkovich in San
    >>> Francisco, he is best and he knows how to treat you with
    >>> anti-fungals. He does blood test accurately at Stanford and
    >>> he graduated from Harvard. The insurance business hates him
    >>> because they tried to seek Ca. Medical Board on him and the
    >>> Board threw it out within a couple of days. So he is proven.
    >>> He will charge you $330 for office visit and $500 for blood
    >>> test. If you don't spend any other money and you can only
    >>> afford one person in the family to go, he is tried and true
    >>> and one of the most intelligent people I have ever meet.

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