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    Re: bronchial pulmonary aspergillosis

    Posted by Douglas R. Haney on 3/18/04

    On 3/17/04, sheri wrote:
    > I was diagnosed with aspergillosis a year and a half
    > course of treatment has been prednisone and advair. I feel
    > now that my dose has been redused dramatically that my
    > symptoms are coming back and that I am possibly being
    > treated incorrectly. I am the first case this pulmonary
    > doctor has experienced in 25 years of practice. I dont
    > access to a toxicologist in my immediate area. What other
    > type of doctor would know how to properly treat a person
    > like myself.Thanks.

    SHERI: 1) Have your physician contact Dr. Vincent
    Marinkovich, M.D., Allergy & Immunology (650) 482-2800,
    Redwood City, CA

    2) Visit my website at

    Once in the website, look to the left and click
    on "Discussion Forum" for literally hundreds of documents on
    the subject. (To get to the rest of the articles at the
    bottom of the page, to the right, click on I believe, "Older
    Articles" and keep reading).

    3) Go to Google search and type in: "Aspergillosis Patient"
    also you can type in "Aspergillus Disease." Primarily look
    for the site that is identified as "Aspergillus... UK"

    God Bless you and your continuing quest to become healthy.

    Doug Haney
    Environmental Health Research/Writer

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