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    Re: bronchial pulmonary aspergillosis

    Posted by raye on 8/02/07

    On 8/01/07, raye wrote: I was diagnosed 2 and a half months ago
    by a pulmonologist and an infectious disease Doctors and
    Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tn. I am on vfend for 3
    months. I have made definite improvement, but the future
    outcome is still pending. Return to Drs in 1 and a half
    months. Maybe I get a prognosis @ that time. I am also a
    Type 1 diabetic of 30 years and have had my left lung 1/2
    removed 10 years ago. They said that is why the aspergillosis
    grew in my lung. Your posting is 3 yrs ago. I hope that you
    have remained well. Would love to chat with anyone regarding
    this disease as to the treatments and outcomes. Wishing you a
    healthy day! 3/17/04, sheri wrote:
    >> I was diagnosed with aspergillosis a year and a half
    > ago.My
    >> course of treatment has been prednisone and advair. I feel
    >> now that my dose has been redused dramatically that my
    >> symptoms are coming back and that I am possibly being
    >> treated incorrectly. I am the first case this pulmonary
    >> doctor has experienced in 25 years of practice. I dont
    > have
    >> access to a toxicologist in my immediate area. What other
    >> type of doctor would know how to properly treat a person
    >> like myself.Thanks.

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