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    Re: CO insurance settlement

    Posted by johncodie on 3/20/04

    It depends upon the age of the girls, if they are minors,
    and if there is a pending suit filed, or to be filed. There
    are medical files that have provided some of which have been
    paid for under the agreement to pay, and other medical files
    that have not been paid for, still under your credit
    history. Would not advise any settelment until you are
    properly represented and 2nd, or 3rd opinions confur the
    damage from exposure has been been resolved or the amount
    offered with be enough to pay for continued physical
    therapy. Depending upon the amount of exposure, such
    exposure has been known to create permanent damage, that can
    only be compensated by making a sum available that will make
    future living expenses easier to pay in the future. Future
    income possibilites will need to be evaluated. In the case
    of minors, a judge would have to approve a minors
    settlement, and a guardian would have to be assigned.
    Unless you have the facts it could prove to be a long period
    to litigation, but I have known others to be permanetly
    disabled. Unless you knew the person before the exposure
    you probably could not tell the amount of deminished
    capabilites, but afterwards,,,,,,,,,,it can be a handicap
    for life. $1,500 would not pay for the normal government
    paper work of a contactural file. If you have doctors
    reports, and a case file, perhaps use the multiple of $1,500
    times each sheet of paper in the file and that may be
    starts. You need the help of an experienced attorney to
    look or take over your case on a contingency basis. Even
    with tort reform $1,500 could have been better spent by the
    business in fixing their system. Consider how much it cost
    these days to put a young daughter through medical school.
    That is probably close to an amount that would be fair.

    On 3/19/04, Injured's mom wrote:
    > My daughter was exposed to carbon monoxide while staying
    at a Holiday Inn.
    > She was treated very roughly at first by the staff, and
    when they tried to
    > contact the hotel management about felling ill in their
    room they were told
    > they probably drunk or using drugs. After calling thie
    parent's and being told
    > to go the emergency room, the hotel did an about face and
    gave them comps.
    > The hotel's insurance company paid most of my daughter's
    medical bills, but
    > they stopped paying them at thier cap which left my
    daughter with deliquent
    > medical bills that are now on her credit history. The
    insurance company did
    > not inform us that they had a dollar cap on medical
    treatment until I was
    > contacted by a collection company for the hospital. They
    are now offering my
    > daughter $1500 to close out the case. As far as we know,
    neither girl suffered
    > any effects from the exposure, but my daughter's blod gas
    was very high
    > initally. Should we accept the $1500 or should we pursue
    this further?

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