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    Re: Recall: nasal spray decongestant

    Posted by dd on 3/21/04

    I have no idea, but I had walking pnuemonia after exposure.
    I refused to take the nasal decongestants that were given to
    me because my symptoms got much worse after one dosage.
    Most of these sprays contain steriods of some sort and that
    is an immune system supressant. Saline water is best. Guess
    I'll get the pharmacy company nazis after me now. Just
    kidding, sort of.

    Are you referring to the nasal spray itself being
    contaminated with this bacteria?

    You are speaking to someone who has been poisoned with
    chlordane twice, once by landlord who worked at chemical
    company and the other time by Terminex. Dioxin and a couple
    of others were in the mix.

    On 3/21/04, ff wrote:
    > DD:
    > The product was recalled after a hospital in Colorado
    > reported infections and found Burkholderia cepacia, in the
    > product.
    > DD, in your research maybe you could find why this
    > organism, pseudomonas, was renamed Burholderia cepacia.
    > It is also a common plant pathogen, and that's where I
    > first saw the name change. Research indicates that a
    > common fungicide routinely applied to soil (and
    > incorporated into paints, coatings, and materials) causes
    > shifts in populations to dominance by pseudomonas.
    > Is pseudomonas on your list of microbes tested for? I'd
    > place pseudomonas into the group of ignored pathogens in
    > IAQ situations, along with fusarium and cyanobacteria.
    > One agency's theory was that the three flourish after
    > chemical application.
    > ff

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