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    Re: mold fad a thing of the past

    Posted by Greg Weatherman on 3/30/04


    1) Why is the CDC still investigating mold and its effects
    on human health? Are they re-investigating the clusters of
    crib deaths in Cleveland again - even after Caoimhin P.
    Connell swears the CDC debunked the earlier research by Dr.
    Etzel, Dr. Dearborne, etal?

    2) Why did Dr. Clive Brown (MD with CDC) state a need to do
    more research in the neurotoxicology and immunology effects
    of mold at the ACGIH National Symposium in Orlando FL last
    November (2003 is you have lost count).

    3) Why has Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and Dr. Ken Hudnell gained
    traction in their research with the neurotoxic and
    immunological research with actual patients? It must be for
    real or the FDA would not have audited Dr. Shoemaker's

    4) Why has the EPA started research in these same areas?
    Could it be that these government agencies know deep down
    that Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and Dr. Ken Hudnell are at the
    forefront of human health and the microbial environment?

    5) What about Steve Vesper's EPA research with fungal

    My personal opinion is the government agencies are actually
    investigating instead of "looking busy" because the
    politically appointed policy makers have realized the
    embarrassment of others proving what they (policy makers not
    scientists) ignored. Administrators have to have public
    documents proof-read by these policy makers who have the
    ultimate say - even if they don't know a carbuncle from a

    The real ivory tower is the offices of the government policy
    makers who know little more than the current list of
    political party fundraisers. How many policy decisions do
    you think are made at catered events where a pave of beef
    tenderloin with pattipan squash, corn pudding and asparagus
    are served? Are they working on their next career move with
    Corporate America? "I'll see what I can do......."

    Now they have to let the government scientist do the research
    the government scientist have been saying to do for years.

    Jack, "coffee table literature" like you're citing is a Readers Digest in the bathroom.
    The only people reading it are usually full of it.

    Have a nice day,

    Greg Weatherman
    Aerobiological Solutions Inc.

    On 3/29/04, Jack wrote:
    > This whole mold phenom is a fad of the past. You guys get
    > over it. The well has run dry!!!

    CDC research for a problem that may actually exist

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