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    Re: mold fad a thing of the past

    Posted by dd on 3/30/04

    Sometimes I get bitter about the fact that I didn't have ya'll
    around here, on this board, when I was going through my mold
    problem, especially when my symptoms flare up again when in
    contact with chemicals or molds. But then I realize that ya'll
    have run the imbeciles into the ground after taking up 'our
    quarrel with the foe'.
    FF, John Codie, Greg Weatherman, Dr. Lipsey, and all the
    others, thank you for validating me, and others, so that we
    won't be dismissed as lunatics or scam artists. I won't go
    quietly into that dark night.

    On 3/30/04, JohnCodie wrote:
    > On 3/29/04, Jack wrote:
    >> This whole mold phenom is a fad of the past. You guys get
    >> over it. The well has run dry!!!
    > Was not looking for water, or money, was looking for being
    > made whole again. Fresh off the Press, the Mississippi
    > Press that is: One block off from Trent Lotts local office,
    > and three buildings down from the main Library still trying
    > to get back to its design since mold was first forced into
    > the publics view.
    > Source: Brad Crocker can be reached at 228-934-1431, or
    > Footnote: The Mississippi Press has moved its printing
    > office to Mobile and its old building has been vacated due to
    > mold. Local High School is in the early stages of being torn
    > down due to mold despite it is on the historic register.
    > Postal Officials Say Pas branch safe despite mold
    > U.S. Postal Service officials are reviewing their options on
    > how to handle a mold infestation at the main U.S.. Postal
    > Service brach in Pascagoula at 911 Jackson Ave. Mold was
    > recently detected in the east wall of the post office which
    > was opened in the 1970s. Test conducted recently indicated
    > that the post office did not pose threat to employees, said
    > Larry Dingman, manager of field communications for the U.S.
    > Postal Service's Memphis office
    > "We want our employees to have the best, safest work
    > environment possible," Dingman siad Monday. We want
    > everybody to know the building is safe." There has been no
    > decision regarding whether the USPS will stay in the Jackson
    > Avenue building or move to another location. "We just don't
    > know yet," Dingman said. "We're doing the best we can to
    > look at all the options." "We want to do the important
    > thing." Dingman added that services will not be interrupted
    > as a result of the mold. Alaina Garrision, 47, handles all
    > her postal business at the Jacksoin Ave. Office. "It's so
    > centrally located, i couldn't see going anywhere else, unless
    > it's close to this one,"she said. The Pascagoula Public
    > Library, located several buildings down from the post office,
    > is in the middle of its own bout with mold problems. Last
    > fall, a leaky skylight and roof and problems with the heating
    > and air conditining units caused infestations in the
    > conference rooms, which were gutted down to the steel beams.
    > The rooms remain blocked off. Earlier this year, the City
    > Council awarded a $43,315 contract to Continental Roofing to
    > Repair the skylight and roof. "We wanted to repair the
    > outside first,"City Manager Kay Johnson siad. The city wil
    > advertise for bids to handle repairing the conference center
    > walls in the near future, Johnson said.
    > Note: Continental Roofing also provided free roofing patches
    > to the Pascaoula High School in order to delay the
    > infestation. After about six years the old school remains of
    > the sale block with no buyers. It could be given to the City
    > by the School board.
    > Jack now is your chance to educate all these misinformed
    > individuals. You can start with Mr. Larry Dingman, Senator
    > Lott, City Manager Kay Johnson, or reporter Brad Crocker.
    > Evidently your message has not been completely spread, or
    > these guys, and gals need a little more ammunition that your
    > keeping under wraps.
    > jc

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