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    Re: Three Years Later, Industry Puts Toxic Mold into Perspec

    Posted by johncodie on 3/30/04

    I can see your still sore about losing the Ballard Case!
    What was the response from Farmers, We are proud that we were
    not found guilty of fraud, and we were only found guilty of
    bad faith in this claim on mold remediation. Now that you
    have found this compelling evidence that the Ballard home was
    just fine all along, contrary to the CDC and other federal
    health publications, you might want sue Ms Ballard for
    Fraud. Farmers did indicate that she committed fraud and
    caused her own damages making her lose her world as she knew
    it. Your case does not stand up in facts as I learned from
    Ms Ballard and got every bit of evidence I could even
    including your "Mold Busting Experts from Corpus Christie".
    I was up last night fixing a leak under the dishwasher to
    preclude a problem from future mold. If I listen to you
    Jack, I could have put it off because you say mold is just an
    irritant. And did we mention that the City Inspectors used
    the International Building Codes to Condemn the house the
    Expert Mold Busters from Texas Claimed to just need patching
    and painting in public, but in private was a festering "mold"
    problem. Oh this modern world of speech identification is a
    marvel. Did I mention the remediation company that was going
    to use the remediation product, "cow utter sanitizer" mixed
    with paint to remediate the mold that was otherwise not a
    problem? Did I mention the defense experts, HVAC Engineer,
    Photomart Manager, Candel Stick maker? I don't know why you
    pay these guys $165 an hour when the plantiffs are bringing
    in a member of the American Board of Toxicology from the
    EPA, and Former Military special forces toxin experts. They
    are worth at least twice what the defense is paying. If you
    think you have the "mold issue" and the courts by the tail,
    just wait for the next major hurricane with flooding. Your
    casualty claims adjusters will do the same poor job of
    showing up, and not be able to handel the number of claims.
    They will just say it will dry out, or don't worry it was not
    flood waters, so it is clean water. Or they probably have
    heard that you have all the answers on mold not being a
    problem so they can again take their time and ingnore the CDC
    guidelines for a time line.

    When an officer of the law stops an individual for an
    inspection of the person's credentials he assumes some of the
    liability for the safety of the individual. When an
    insurance company comes to person's home to inspect a claim
    and is too busy and delay's the process of removal or clean-
    up, they become liable for spoliation. Forget about "mold"
    for now, The insurance company is either a part of the
    solution, or a part of the problem. There is no in-between.
    You may have yourself convienced, and you may have some
    policy maker's convienced; but what you say does not
    represent the truth, and will not hold water in a court of
    law. When your representatives start taking steps to
    minimize what they see in order to meet a predetermined price
    they have in mind, it is Bad Faith in the worst form. When
    they take actions to hide the turth, or influence individuals
    to not properly investigate, and present false reports under
    sworn testimony they are committing fraud. Can you think of
    any reason a persons claim file would be considered
    as "priviledged"? Can you think of any reason a person's
    home toxicology report would be considered as "priviledged"?
    Can you think of any reason an insurance company would leave
    a million dollars in an account after the policy had been
    sold after three years???? Give you a hint, it is not "mold"
    but it comes close. All you have to do Jack is cite all
    these wonderful published studies you claim to have full
    knowledge about and it all goes away. Otherwise we are going
    to assume your full of it "it is not mold".

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