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    Re: Microfungi Exposures are Just Starting to Fire Up! Jacko

    Posted by Douglas R. Haney on 3/31/04

    On 3/30/04, Bob R/CA wrote:
    > On 3/29/04, Doug Haney wrote:
    >> JACK: What ever made you believe for a second that mold-
    >> related litigation is faltering. Either you have to be a
    >> complete idiot
    > Doug, my memory is not perfect, but I'd wager this is what
    > got banned for before.

    BOB: I was banned before because it was thought that I was
    advertising my work- which I still maintain I was not, but
    have agreed not to do.

    It was not because of my rebuttals to those who tend to mock
    the plight of unfortunate victims of mold exposures. I am not
    an advocate of anyone who attempts to use litigation to seek a
    fortune for themselves. I am definately an advocate for taking
    mold as a litigation tool out of the court system and helping
    victims find medical doctors willing to help them recover. I
    am an advocate for helping victims find useful information and
    resources so that they might do their own research and come to
    their own conclusions. But, when certain clowns happen to use
    this Board for downgrading and condemning those with health
    problems associated with indoor mold exposure, which I observe
    as a serious health situation, I don't believe in standing
    back and letting it happen.

    God Bless you and your continuing good health.

    Doug Haney
    Environmental Health Research

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