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    Re: Microfungi Exposures are Just Starting to Fire Up! Jacko

    Posted by Jack on 3/31/04


    After 6 long years in the Industry relating to this type of
    claim, I know self promotion when I see it. You can call names
    all you want, but the facts are the mold firestorm is in a
    downward spiral. You can ask anyone who jumped on the mold
    bandwagon and is now looking for work elswhere now that the mold
    scare has died down. There are a few just trying to scare the

    On 3/31/04, Douglas R. Haney wrote:
    > On 3/30/04, Bob R/CA wrote:
    >> On 3/29/04, Doug Haney wrote:
    >>> JACK: What ever made you believe for a second that mold-
    >>> related litigation is faltering. Either you have to be a
    >>> complete idiot
    >> Doug, my memory is not perfect, but I'd wager this is what
    > you
    >> got banned for before.
    > BOB: I was banned before because it was thought that I was
    > advertising my work- which I still maintain I was not, but
    > have agreed not to do.
    > It was not because of my rebuttals to those who tend to mock
    > the plight of unfortunate victims of mold exposures. I am not
    > an advocate of anyone who attempts to use litigation to seek a
    > fortune for themselves. I am definately an advocate for taking
    > mold as a litigation tool out of the court system and helping
    > victims find medical doctors willing to help them recover. I
    > am an advocate for helping victims find useful information and
    > resources so that they might do their own research and come to
    > their own conclusions. But, when certain clowns happen to use
    > this Board for downgrading and condemning those with health
    > problems associated with indoor mold exposure, which I observe
    > as a serious health situation, I don't believe in standing
    > back and letting it happen.
    > God Bless you and your continuing good health.
    > Doug Haney
    > Environmental Health Research

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