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    Posted by mary on 4/17/04


    Goofing off is good. Let's come back to this key point you made:

    "...only those that have experienced it can understand or believe

    If you say this based on personal experience, well okay, but I think
    you should distinguish that from a broader conclusion. I've never
    been shot in the leg, but I believe it can be very painful and
    scary. (I've shot myself in the foot a few times, but that is a
    different issue...) I've had plenty of pain before, so I can relate
    to that. I've had blood flowing from wounds, so I know what that is
    like. As I've told you before, I'm allergic to mold, and I have
    asthma, so I know what that is like. So, my point is, I think it is
    wrong to assume that others cannot relate to your experience. Now,
    this isn't really a big deal for me, it is just that I see way too
    many people here saying things like, 'well until you've experienced
    it, you don't know/can't comment. That's a cop out, and I think it
    reduces the credibility of the person saying it. Here, I will give
    you a variation on the theme for your amusement: "The complainers on
    this board can't relate to being right all the time like me until
    they have experienced it."

    Wishing you the best on a nice weekend,

    >> Okay, now what is your basis for this statement? We see things
    >> like this all the time here, but no factual support is offered.
    >> Have you done some research on this? Have studies been
    >> published? A survey perhaps? Is this something that can be, or
    >> has been, quantified? I know you embrace the scientific method,
    >> so let's hear more about this please.
    >> Best Spring Regards and hope the day finds you well.
    >> Mary
    >> On 4/13/04, ff wrote:
    >>> Yeah, it says a lot. I've always said that as many
    >>> individuals experience environmental illnesses, it's their
    >>> first time of entering into other disciplines, fields of
    >>> expertise, science, whatever. Each one of these individuals
    >>> sounds nuts. In total, as a 'group' they discredit and
    >>> destroy hope of credible, capable scientists ever gaining
    >>> legitimate interest in the subject.
    >>> Another complicating factor is that, as legitimate as it may
    >>> be, only those that have experienced it can understand or
    >>> believe it.
    >>> Finally, it goes back to cause and effect, and the lack of any
    >>> hope of immediate feedback. If people fell over dead every
    >>> time they had an exposure (the same exposure), or fell over
    >>> dead everytime thay walked into the same building, it would
    >>> not be long before they concluded "something" was present and
    >>> it will kill you. With MCS, mold, etc., most affected people
    >>> look OK to everyone else, they're not falling over dead.
    >>> Compare it to a severe automobile accident, and rolling he
    >>> victim into the courtroom all mangled up, in traction, limbs
    >>> missing, etc. Now that's something that can easily be seen -
    >>> "Oh my God, look at that poor injured person, damn near dead"
    >>> OK Mary, it's easy to see why an ambulance chaser could be all
    >>> that's required to win big in PI cases.
    >>> FF

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