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    Posted by Benny J. on 4/20/04

    I agree about the smells in this world, oh yes!

    A horrible thing happened today... when I went to enjoy the
    pleasing aroma of my usual cup of jasmine green tea, I COULD
    NOT DETECT THE DELICATE SCENT like I use to!?'s because I'm forced to work five days a week
    around synthetically scented morons and this has burned out
    my sense of smell I value so much! I'M FURIOUS! Take away a
    person's sense of vision or hearing and it's a serious
    assault, but what about the NOSE guys? Is it okay to destroy
    a person's sense of smell?
    When we compare the strong, harsh scents that are floating
    around our daily environment, to the light delicate scents
    found in nature, you know the strong stuff is going to
    overpower all! This isn't fair to anyone who enjoys and wans
    to be able to smell delicate natural scents.
    The synthetic garbage alters our sense of smell, and
    eventually deadens it, so that explains why nobody seems to
    be complaining about the stuff because they probably don't
    smell it anymore.
    How sad that people settle for losing their sense of smell
    rather than just get all this toxic trash out of the
    environment and learn to live without it, which WE CAN do!!!

    On 4/13/04, NosePlugs, FaceMask...the whole show!!! wrote:
    > What bugs me is why do people tolerate misery when they
    > can easily omit the toxic culprits contributing to their
    > discomfort, and get it the hell out of their
    > environment... EVERYONE'S environment?
    > We've got a lot of horrendous scented products going
    > around out there, and I don't know how ANYONE can stand to
    > live with themselves wearing that junk! And these are the
    > same people whining and complaining of their ails and
    > running off to the doctors every week for a quick 'drug'
    > fix. What the heck is wrong with everyone??? Don't we know
    > these toxins are deadening our sense of smell? And that's
    > why we no longer smell them, and think the air is great?
    > And contradict those like myself who can smell it and
    > describe the smell as being horrible? I'm sick and tired
    > of being told I'm a lunatic, or I'm imagining things, or I
    > should go see 'what's wrong with me' why I can't
    > tolerate 'poisons?'
    > I know a story of a guy ...we'll call him Harvey.
    > Harvey was a big and strong dude, he ate his veggies every
    > day, took every supplement there is, got out in the fresh
    > air and sunshine to exercise for a hour a day, had no
    > history of any disease in his family (great genes), and he
    > was feeling 'fine' and frowned on people with MCS or just
    > people who 'protect their sense of smell.'
    > So despite the big talk on toxins, Harvey went on using
    > his scented stuff free or worry, because he claims life is
    > too short to worry! And it IS short if you don't worry and
    > take charge of your environment before your environment
    > takes claim of your health!!!
    > It wasn't long and sure enough, Harvey's sense of smell
    > was diminished. What happened was his olfactory nerves
    > shut down from inhaling overpowering synthetic scents over
    > a just a short period of time too. Being he couldn't smell
    > it as us MCS'ers can, he continued to use it as though it
    > wasn't even there. And you can't blame your ails on
    > something you don't know is there, can you?
    > Now, here's a college graduate like Harvey, little did he
    > care to educate himself on was the fact that what you
    > can't smell CAN harm you, and how to protect his sense of
    > smell. So because Harvey is only a 'living thing' ...he
    > develops a deadly disease from exposing himself freely and
    > unknowingly to toxins ...and he's like 'what?'
    > Still insisting that it has nothing to do with the
    > environment, Harvey blames it on himself! How stupid, what
    > a shame! If only he had seen the light earlier when other
    > MCS'ers tried to warn him, rather than degrade them.
    > BTW: This is a true story folks!!!

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