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    Re: natural gas leak/co

    Posted by Lori on 3/04/07

    On 4/24/04, been there, done that wrote:
    > Do a search on the internet for natural gas poisoning. Any
    > residual effects depend upon the individual and the amount
    > gas displacing air which is affected by how airtight the
    > dwelling was and the rate of the leak.
    > On 4/23/04, kathy wrote:
    >> I found out 4 days ago that I have been breathing fumes
    >> from a natural gas leak for 2+ yrs. I have been very ill
    >> for the last 2 yrs with all the symptoms of gas/carbon
    >> monoxide poisoning. Can anyone tell me when I can expect to
    >> feel better now that the leak has been repaired? thanks
    >> kathy

    On January 8, 2007 a very wonderful older man came out and
    checked my water heater for a gas leak. When he didn't find
    one I welled up with tears and told him I knew there was a
    leak somewhere in my basement. I told him I had been sick
    with migraines, neck and spinal pain, massive weight loss and
    vision problems. Basically, I had been hobbling about my
    house, barely able to make through an entire grocery store and
    even though I was seeing a neurologist at least every other
    month, for one and a half years, there was no relief I was
    only getting worse. I felt with all my heart (probably out of
    desperation) that this was it. This was why I was sick. It
    wasn't until we moved into this house that I got sick. It just
    made sense. So, bless his heart, he kept looking and sure
    enough the valve that connected the gas line to our furnace
    was faultly and there was a significant leak. He fixed it
    immediately and everyday I got a little stronger. Today,
    March 4, 2007, I feel like superwoman.

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