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    Re: natural gas leak/co

    Posted by JOYCE on 3/18/11

    On 3/04/07, Lori wrote:
    > On 4/24/04, been there, done that wrote:
    >> Do a search on the internet for natural gas poisoning. Any
    >> residual effects depend upon the individual and the amount
    > of
    >> gas displacing air which is affected by how airtight the
    >> dwelling was and the rate of the leak.
    >> On 4/23/04, kathy wrote:
    >>> I found out 4 days ago that I have been breathing fumes
    >>> from a natural gas leak for 2+ yrs. I have been very ill
    >>> for the last 2 yrs with all the symptoms of gas/carbon
    >>> monoxide poisoning. Can anyone tell me when I can expect to
    >>> feel better now that the leak has been repaired? thanks
    >>> kathy
    > On January 8, 2007 a very wonderful older man came out and
    > checked my water heater for a gas leak. When he didn't find
    > one I welled up with tears and told him I knew there was a
    > leak somewhere in my basement. I told him I had been sick
    > with migraines, neck and spinal pain, massive weight loss and
    > vision problems. Basically, I had been hobbling about my
    > house, barely able to make through an entire grocery store and
    > even though I was seeing a neurologist at least every other
    > month, for one and a half years, there was no relief I was
    > only getting worse. I felt with all my heart (probably out of
    > desperation) that this was it. This was why I was sick. It
    > wasn't until we moved into this house that I got sick. It just
    > made sense. So, bless his heart, he kept looking and sure
    > enough the valve that connected the gas line to our furnace
    > was faultly and there was a significant leak. He fixed it
    > immediately and everyday I got a little stronger. Today,
    > March 4, 2007, I feel like superwoman.
    > Lori
    You have no idea how happy this makes me, I have been living for
    over 5 years with leaks in my waterheater, stove and my furnace,
    my house should have never passed the inspection when I bought
    it. I have been sick, well everyone in my house, but mostly me.
    I want to be better so badly, my husband was suffering from
    really bad headaches and mine symptoms were everything you can
    think of, I already had sinus problems and had surgery last year
    but still have not healed from it, this explains everything.
    Good luck and I hope I can feel like superwoman soon. Joyce

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