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    Post: Mycotoxins research

    Posted by DD on 4/27/04

    I haven't had the luxury to surf the net regarding
    mycotoxins and aflatoxins in quite a while, but today, I
    did a cursory search and found quite a bit of info;
    scientific rather than lay.

    The big surprise was how much of the info contradicts
    itself; epa reports on malformin are contradictory within
    the body of the same report. It says that liver and kidney
    damage occur in mice and other laboratory animals, but that
    it seems to be innocuous in humans except for those who are
    immunocompromised. Yet Mayo research, to name one,
    indicates that a whopping majority of sinusitus sufferers
    have fungal infections.

    I skimmed the genetic susceptibility thread recently and
    saw, with amusement, the old arguement about the fittest
    surviving. And we know that certain pesticides cause,
    among other things, immunosuppression, which is why some
    are banned. In addition, some of these pesticides and
    fungae are mutagenic, altering at the cellular level.

    When you look at the big picture, it is clear that there is
    a lot that we are unaware of regarding the action of these
    two agents, chemical and biological, on the human body,
    either singly or in combination.

    In so much that early civilized man realized that some
    fungae were beneficial, bread, beer, etc.., they also
    realized that some were dangerous, regarding it growing in
    homes or on textiles or grains.

    Now where does this leave those of us who frequent this
    board for it's true purpose, toxic torts? I think that
    most of the regulars have seen the twists and turns that
    can be taken with seemingly simple, irrefutable fact, but
    to allow word games and mind games and deep pockets and
    unscrupulous people to make mucho money off of the misery
    caused by misinformation, shoddy work, broken contracts,
    deceitful behavior, manipulation of information, and
    slanderous forays, is just a bit too much.

    I heard once that honesty was a luxury afforded the rich,
    as cliches go, this one is passe. Apparently even the rich
    cannot afford honesty, at least not publicly.

    As we look at the violence and mayhem in the Middle East
    and tsk, tsk, perhaps we should consider the log in our
    collective eye before taking the mote out of our
    neighbors. True, they are more open and actively violent
    toward one another, but no one there expects anything any
    better from their 'opposition'. Here, we mask our violence
    with passive aggressiveness and civility, but the end
    result is the same; suppression and destruction of the
    enemy. At least there, they all know who the enemy is and
    there is no candy coating.

    Our civil justice system is showing the cracks now, and as
    we our fond of saying, we still have it better here than
    anywhere on Earth. This is true, how long this remains
    true is up to us.

    For all you have suffered through poisonings, either
    chemical, biological, or both, due to the active or passive
    action of others in breach of a contractual obligation and
    who have found no justice in our civil justice system must
    come together to make your voice heard and to seek some of
    the civil freedoms that we as Americans have as a
    constitutional right.

    We are in several countries fighting 'for the rights of the
    oppressed'; we have many of those right here,oppressed
    people, I mean. Let's do something about it. Those of you
    who are able, please collect your medical files, laboratory
    testing, etc... proof that your conditions were caused by
    the exposure to these chemicals, all your correspondence
    with offending parties whether it be insurance companies,
    landlords, pesticide companies, construction companies,
    etc... so that we can work together during this election
    year to make an impact at the national level. Please do
    this for me and for yourselves. It is time to bombard the
    major parties and the not so major parties with our
    information and demands.

    Thank you again D. Haney, Dr. Lipsey, Weatherton, FF,
    Eagle, etc.. , even you, Mary and CC, for all the input
    into this forum, and everyone else who has contibuted to
    this site.


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