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    Re: arsenic

    Posted by v on 3/30/06

    ff has a pont. What trade do you work in? Cutting treated wood
    with a saw, and not wearing a mask of some sort can be hazardous
    to your health. There used to be alot of copper used in treating
    wood, i think that's been banned. For health concerns. But maybe
    not in all parts of the country.

    On 3/29/06, ff wrote:
    > It's ubiquitous, naturally occurring.
    > Rodenticides, anx other chemical products.
    > Treated wood (CCA).
    > A multitude of possibilities including the su bject of the
    > old movie, Arsenic and Lace, with Cary Grant. You never
    > know?
    > On 3/29/06, Bob smith wrote:
    >> i recently went for check up and doctor said I had high
    >> levels of arsenic in my system!
    >> she also said I had high cholesterol(hereditary)
    >> where could I have contacted arsenic?

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