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    Re: arsenic

    Posted by D on 4/18/06

    One possibility is gallium arsenide, found in the semiconductor
    manufacturing industry. Dust can be carried home on clothing if
    proper industrial hygiene is not practiced.

    On 4/06/06, v wrote:
    > Just heard on the news today. Arsenic, is feed to chicks
    > raised as friers. And to chickens too. To kill parasites. It's
    > in there meat when we eat it. Appears to be alot of sources
    > arsenic poisoning.
    > On 4/04/06, Kevin wrote:
    >> On 3/29/06, Bob smith wrote:
    >>> i recently went for check up and doctor said I had high
    >>> levels of arsenic in my system!
    >>> she also said I had high cholesterol(hereditary)
    >>> where could I have contacted arsenic?
    >> Bob:
    >> It could be as simple as your source of drinking water.
    >> Depending on the location of your residence or workplace, the
    >> concentration of arsenic in the soil and ground water could
    >> be elevated. Arsenicals were used quite a bit in several
    >> farming regions, and arsenic often appears near mining
    >> activities.
    >> Having your water tested is not very difficult or expensive.
    >> Kevin

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