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    Re: arsenic exposure....ask Dr. Richard Lipsey

    Posted by Elizabeth Johnson on 6/10/06

    On 5/30/06, Harvard46Q wrote:
    > Didn't the toxicologist Dr. Richard Lipsey (I Googled him) get
    > his PhD in the toxicology of arsenic? He is in Jacksonville,
    > Florida and does research on heavy metals. He says that arsenic in
    > your body may only be arsenates, not arsenic, so ask your doctor to
    > do a 24 urine test following chelation to determine if you only
    > have arsenates in your blood.
    > Harvard46Q

    From 1996-2002,I was exposed to arsenic dust at work (also
    cd/be/chrome VI/lead/other heavy metals via dusts/fumes,torch cutting
    fumes/diesel fumes, solvents/sealants/isocyanates/chromate spray
    paint, benzene, etc...)
    I have been experiencing recurring lower lip lesions since 2002. Lip
    turns white and sheds tissues, no pain but can feel something
    different when it occurs. (biopsy 2002 states
    leukoplakia/hyperkeratosis and was told to observe it).
    Originally, also had conjuctivitis times 2/eye
    hemorrhage/hyperpigmentation on left hip for over a year/continuing
    hand numbness/massive hemorrhage/low blood counts/respiratory
    probs/nasal sores/bradycardia/finger cyanosis times 5, etc...

    What do I do about my lip? Is it related to arsenic exposure, and
    what should I be doing about it now, since it is getting worse???
    Can a 24 hour urine test and/or chelation help at this point?
    Please help me..Thank you..

    Elizabeth Johnson

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