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    Re: Mold Poisoning/Need Attorney In NV.

    Posted by johncodie on 9/28/06


    Wake up! Dr. Lipsey is a toxicologist! He is not your child's
    doctor! He will neither examine or give medical advise on your
    son's condition. He does not have your child as a patient. He
    typically takes his own mold samples, and needs a qualified medical
    doctor's health history prior to mold exposure and after mold
    exposure. He needs an excellent toxicology attorney of which you
    are seeking. We went through three. You know you are on the time
    clock as to when you knew, or should have known you were being
    exposed to mold; and when the property owners knew, or should have
    known you were being exposed to mold. Did I understand your unit
    was adjacent to the one that had the problem, or in the one that
    had the problem? You have a Nevada remediation firms samples, you
    will have Dr. Lipsey also taking samples if the unit hasn't been
    cleaned up. You will have your attorney seeking your blood levels
    present, but won't have blood levels prior to exposure. Dr. Lipsey
    needs a good attorney to get your case going. If I did knot know
    any better your are looking for an attorney to fund Dr. Lipsey for
    his continued efforts, or pay for his bill to date? I can comment
    and will continue to comment because I have lived through all of
    this that are you are presently dealing. You live in a gambling
    town and we lived on the Gulf Coast in a gambling town. Dr. Lipsey
    is not your attorney so he can't predict the strenght of your
    assertions. I can't call your predicament a case since probaly no
    complaint has been filed. There has probably been no discovery.
    He is not your medical doctor so he can not treat your symptoms.
    We had 24 years investested in our case, not counting the thousands
    of attorney hours and toxicology bills paid by ourselves. We had
    years of video tapes, remediaion firms reports, evidence in storage
    for years. It all boils down to these two axioms.

    1. Justice does not come to the faint of heart. Before you can
    convience a jury/judge of others negligence of good faith breach of
    contract, you have to be totally seen as without any chance of not
    being negligent. You had a lease that could have been terminated
    at any time for lack of performance by the landlord. You could
    have had the apartment inspected before you moved into it for mold.

    2. Do not expect another individual to pick up your cause if you
    can not provide adequate information, or fund your own case. If
    you truly have been damaged and have cause an attorney will enter
    into a contract with you, on a fee basis of your winnings; or you
    will be willing/able to fund the complete case and only pay their
    expenses. Remember it is your case and not theirs. In the case of
    the Gorman trail the defense probably saw their clients
    contributing negligence and did the smart thing; they minimized
    their losses.
    On 9/27/06, Sean wrote:
    > Ok Johncodie you are so full of it. If you knew a damn thing
    > about causes and the effects of this specific mold maybe then you
    > could coment. First the Video was edited so much it did not show
    > nearly anything that actualy happened. Do you realy think that
    > they aired raw footage? Wake up. Don't presume to know anything
    > that we have been through or are going through. The toxin put out
    > by this mold attacks the central nervous system and the lungs as
    > well as causing many other problems."strawberry patterns to
    > cheeks, no nasal discharge" get real he is haveing respritory
    > shut down, seizures, and not a runny nose. Know what you are
    > talking about befor you say anything as ignorent at what you said.
    > Dr. Lipsey my sons new doctor " the best in the country" Is
    > qualified and and an expert on the subject.
    > Sean..
    > On 9/27/06, Johncodie wrote:
    >> On 9/24/06, Sean wrote:
    >>> On 7/14/06, Toni wrote:
    >>>> I need an attorney here in Las Vegas, NV. to represent me
    >>>> in a toxic mold poisoning case. The owner of the apartment
    >>>> where I contracted the mold poisoning has stopped paying
    >>>> for my medication. Can anyone refer me to a lawyer to
    >>>> represent me here in Las Vegas, NV.
    >>>> Thank you, Toni.
    >>> Toni contact me by email I have resources to help you.
    >> You need something more than a good attorney, you need a good
    >> media relations person. Unless your willing to put up your
    >> own money, ie. 10K to 20K your chances of being represented on
    >> his/her money are slim. Attorneys seldom invest their time and
    >> money unless there is a death, or gross apparent negligence of
    >> someone with large pockets.
    >> You have been dis-serviced by having the news media provide
    >> your child's health to the public at large. I made specific
    >> request of the local news media, (a demand) to not contact,
    >> film, or have any contact with my children concerning their
    >> previous home, of mold. One news paper article did provide a
    >> source of connection to an attorney that did want to share
    >> information concerning our toxicologist. The children do not
    >> need to bear the burden of scrutnity by the public.
    >> What I saw from the news story that others my see that goes
    >> against you in your claim.
    >> 1. The child did not appear to have any distress symptoms
    >> normally associated with what is experienced from a first
    >> responder. See Red Cross guidelines of how to
    > respond.strawberry patterns to cheeks, no nasal discharge
    >> 2. Who appeared to be the child's mother seemed to be too calm
    >> of a child that is in need of immediate life threating.
    >> 3. The child was not having difficulty breathing as to an
    >> allergic reaction. There was no red spots, alergic reaction,
    >> strawberry patterns to cheeks, no nasal discharge, no tears
    >> streaming.
    >> 4. The vital signs of the patient were displayed as the first
    >> responders were taking the child away. There were not one of a
    >> patient in distress.
    >> 5. The child appeared to be responding, innocently to a
    >> parents request for an illness. Either verbally or unverbally.
    >> 6. The father did not appear to be hesterical as to the childs
    >> health being in serious danger of death.
    >> 7. The child was given oxygen but did not appear to be oxygen
    >> deprived.
    >> 8. The mold shown on the apartment inspection appeared to be
    >> normal levels that are commonly found. By comparison to
    >> Katrinia exposure as deaths are for elderly compromised, the
    >> child appears to be influenced by protective parents. The
    >> close supervision these days necessitated by predators does not
    >> allow children to develop normal outside healthy immune systems.
    >> 9. Who appeared to be childs mother was not interviewed with
    >> the father. Why not a common front, she was at the occurence
    >> of child's life threating event. How did the mold from the
    >> appartment trigger what happened outside? What was the
    >> lingering affect by inside appartment, ot outside months, or
    >> years latter?
    >> 10. The father appears to be well maintained, high manintenace
    >> husband, (it goes both ways), not a gray hair, not a hair out
    >> of place, perfect smile, etc. etc. Appears to be looking for
    >> the next money train.
    >> 11. Will either respond to provide more detail information to
    >> general public, or will take my advice and cut your losses.
    >> Apartment group was good to provide as much as they did.

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