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    Re: Don't understand getting this message

    Posted by v on 11/04/06

    Oh ... that's just home land
    security & the F.B.I & C.I.A.
    messin with yur head! Not to worry
    give them hell Mary. Yur an
    attorney. If that don't work, get
    out yur surf board, head south to

    On 11/04/06, Mary wrote:
    > I just tried to post an article
    from Boston Magazine on the
    > NEJM and got this message. Why
    did I get this message?
    > You have posted an illegal
    pyramid scheme letter on our
    > chatboard. Your Internet address
    has been logged and will
    > be reported to the appropriate
    authorities for prosecution
    > to the fullest extent of the law.
    > USER
    > WebWatcher 11/04/06 07:54:34
    > System Security

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