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    Re: WSJ, Mold ACOEM & AAAAI Conflicts of Interest!!!!!

    Posted by ff on 2/17/08

    On 1/09/07, Sharon wrote:
    > Hi All,
    > Wish I could post the entire story from today's front page
    > of the Wall Street Journal, but that would not be nice
    > since they write to sell papers. So....just some key
    > highlights:
    > Court of Opinion
    > Amid Suits Over Mold,
    > Experts Wear Two Hats
    > Authors of Science Paper
    > Often Cited by Defense
    > Also Help in Litigation
    > January 9, 2007; Page A1
    >> ..."We should have published their [disclosure]
    > with the paper," says the official, Thomas Platts-Mills.
    > A third author of the academy's paper, Jay Portnoy, chief
    > of allergy, asthma and immunology at the Children's Mercy
    > Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., says he "felt that there was
    > an agenda" -- the effort "seemed very biased toward
    > the possibility of there being harmful effects from mold
    > human health." He says he considered removing his name
    > the paper, but it was published before he could decide.
    > Dr. Portnoy says a section he contributed was rewritten by
    > Dr. Saxon to be "a lot more negative." He says the paper
    > wrongly says mold isn't proven to cause allergic rhinitis,
    > with symptoms like wheezing, sore throat and sneezing. Dr.
    > Saxon denies the authors had a bias but says they applied
    > high standard for proving mold causes a particular effect.
    > He says he didn't skew the content of Dr. Portnoy's
    > but rewrote it because it was "too diffuse." Dr. Terr in
    > San Francisco didn't return a call seeking comment.
    > you have here is defense experts authoring papers under an
    > official guise," says their attorney, Elizabeth Eilender.
    > Justice Kornreich declined to comment.
    > Write to David Armstrong at

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