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    Posted by s on 1/15/07

    I know that the ACOEM is "trying" to do some damage

    control with their release" ACOEM Adopts Rigorous

    Methodology For Updates To Its Occupational Medicine

    Practice Guidelines" Main Category: Public Health News

    Article Date: 14 Jan 2007 - 0:00 PST

    However, This is long overdue and only came about because

    of the recent article in the Wall Street Journal that

    exposed them. [Amid Suits Over Mold, Experts Wear Two Hats

    Wall Street Journal, NY - Jan 9, 2007].

    I also refer to the following that took place in 2006:


    "As to why Texas is going with ODG treatment guidelines

    rather than ACOEM, Denniston said he believes officials saw

    that the Work Loss Data Institute -- a private company --

    has the only set of guidelines that are adopted by the

    federal government's medical guideline clearinghouse. ODG

    also regularly updates its guidelines and has easy-to-find

    references to the latest research on the effectiveness of

    various treatment options."

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