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    Re: Dr. Richard Lipsey

    Posted by Angel on 1/24/07

    If he was a corporate whore he would most likely charge more,
    but, it is NOT in his nature/makeup to overcharge/gouge for his
    professional services.

    He is from that era/generation that charges a fair price for
    services rendered. Something that is SERIOUSLY lacking in todays
    professional arena.

    He's more highly educated than most attorneys and they tend to
    overcharge predicated on their own personal preception of what
    they are worth :)


    On 1/23/07, MBobMean wrote:
    >> I would have paid double what he charged for the information
    >> he provided.
    > Well Dr. Lipsey, if you're reading, there is the green light
    > to a better financial future!
    > ;-)
    > MBobMean

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