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    Re: Dr. Richard Lipsey - SPAMMER

    Posted by Johncodie on 1/24/07

    On 1/24/07, Sharon wrote:
    > Dear Irritated,
    > WHO is Spamming? Ira Besserman.....or Ira Tated? You didn't just
    > lose a mold case where Lipsey was an expert the other side, did you?

    Dear Sharon:

    Irritated is not far off the mark. Ira Besserman is looking for free
    information on Dr. Lipsey or is Dr. Lipsey casting the stone in the
    internet waves for a little more ripple effect. When he comes on line
    there are alot of AOL addresses that can be changed rapidly hidding the
    original user id and mac address of the user. Locations all go to the
    AOL east coast server. Bob P put a little more privacy for the
    individuals that are posting hidding the time and ip address. I
    recognize the pattern and some of the previous alias addresses
    associated with Dr. Lipsey. Bob P did put up this service for the sole
    reason of being able to extract as much information as possible to whom
    ever needs to procure what information they need.

    Did anyone watch the Clarance Thomas Supreme Court confirmation
    committe proceedings? What an apauling display of miscarriage of
    justice and misinformation that was applied to this man. Richard is in
    the public eye and face it being held to a higher standard. Not asking
    for credentials just current billing rates. The public should have
    knowledge of what was described as the best in the business going to

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