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    Re: Dr. Richard Lipsey - SPAMMER

    Posted by Angel on 1/26/07

    On 1/24/07, Johncodie wrote:
    > On 1/24/07, Sharon wrote:

    > Irritated is not far off the mark. Ira Besserman is looking for free
    > information on Dr. Lipsey or is Dr. Lipsey casting the stone in the
    > internet waves for a little more ripple effect.

    Oh please let it go. Personally knowing Dr. Lipsey, EVEN I had to WAIT
    for him to review my documents and I AM a paying client. This is a man
    who DOES NOT need to work at his age, but, does it to help those who are
    injured as he CARES, a CONCEPT lost by probably most of the other so
    called 100's of other "qualified toxicologists" that had been previously
    referenced. The need to create a "RIPPLE EFFECT" is so far off the mark.

    Richard is in
    > the public eye and face it being held to a higher standard. Not asking
    > for credentials just current billing rates. The public should have
    > knowledge of what was described as the best in the business going to
    > charge!

    FACT: His rates start at $300.00/hour. Every dollar charged is
    documented and not padded in any way shape or form. He is notorious for
    not charging for EVERY time he works on a clients file. His retainers go
    a long way. Which is a VERY REASONALBE rate if you would research the
    100's of OTHER so called expert toxicologists. A hell of a LOT cheaper
    than egocentric litigators, where the old agade "talk is cheap until you
    talk to an attorney" is confirmed.

    FYI, my ISP is thru Go Daddy for my foundation, thank you very much.

    Now, are you in contact with EVERY one of your close associates? I
    sincerely doubt it, and if Richard and Jack drop a quick note to each
    other why the big bruhaha over it? At least they are not emulating
    sacral-cranial inversion which seems to be running rampant on this
    particular thread.

    Apparently, those who are answering EVERY post have way too much time on
    their hands and that equates to being a failure in their chosen field of
    endeavor. I heard about this thread thru my environmental contacts and
    figured I needed to put my $0.99 (with inflation)in and try to shut up
    the malcontents who are out to try and destroy someone's hard earned
    reputation. Or are these naysayers, competitors who are looking to
    discredit the man, figuring they could try to snare some new business?

    To those who are shooting their buccal cavity off, why not post who you
    REALLY are and lets see YOUR qualifications or lack thereof.

    Doing a websearch on "John Codie" there is NOTHING that correspondes to
    someone who should be interested in this chat board.

    I ask you...Post your CV or website and let us see the "man behind the

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