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    Re: Angel

    Posted by Johncodie on 1/26/07

    You did a seach on John Codie and did not find any tracers? I have been
    affected by mold for more than ten years. Your environmental group had
    these two speak at your event on your nickel, or your envoronmental groups
    nickel. Makes alot of difference when your footing the bill, your attorney
    is footing the bill, or the hard hit is depleting their resources or
    retirement in paying the bill. In a nut shell used the SMexperts payed the
    fees, on time without interest payments for non-payment and the end results
    attorny did same and argued over fees which even the hell hole of litigation
    (Hinds Co and Claiborne Co MS prior to tort reform) saw the billings as
    outrageous. Nothing wrong with a little quck pro quo, back slapping, good
    ole boy reference of the best or the best? Could be wanna be's doctors, of
    other professions that never made it, as why the "Dr" title is so important
    to them. Its obvious if you have an environmental group and these
    individuals support your cause your going to back them because it supports
    your platform. I agree Richard is a great guy and is working beyond what
    one would think was necessary. However, everytime he puts on the work hat
    to take on the opposition it is what we call tough love. You also have to
    keep close tabs on his secretaries billings. Richard called to obtain
    information from our attorny on a seperate case that he was interested in
    and the call log got billed to our account. Why would Richard and attorney
    have to go round and round over billings??? It affects their bottom line
    and is why they are out there. If Ira has received as much information
    concerning Richard as he needs then he can so indicate. The informed
    public recognizes the special interest groups and the employees that cater
    to their wishes.


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